What Is Israel?

“Jacob was left alone and a man wrestled with him until the break of dawn. When he perceived that he could not overcome them, he struck the socket of his hip; so Jacob’s hip socket was dislocated as he wrestled with him. Then he said, Let me go for dawn has broken. And he said, I will not let you go unless you bless me. He said to him, What is your name? He replied, Jacob. He said, No longer will it be said that your name is Jacob, but Israel for you have striven with the Divine and with man and have overcome.” Genesis 32:25-29

We commence this discourse by focusing our ATTENTION upon what is termed, “THE GOAL OF CREATION.” The Goal of Creation is to become like the Creator. In other words, the Goal is the realization of being One with G-d and the actualization of the revelation into manifestation. What is implied by the realization and actualization is a process in which the MORTAL becomes IMMORTAL.

The creation of the human conscious experience is NEW. The NEW CREATION is the opposite of the CREATOR. The nature of the CREATOR is to give of ITSELF. Thus the NEW CREATION that is the opposite is destined to become like the CREATOR because of HIS NATURE to GIVE OF HIMSELF. Without a doubt, in this universe of BECOMING, the human conscious experience will unfold ETERNAL LIFE.

The process of unfolding ETERNAL LIFE is destined to be demonstrated. The demonstration of ETERNAL LIFE is the purpose of ISRAEL. ISRAEL is a revelation of being ONE with G-d. As disclosed in the SCENARIO, Jacob was striving with the DIVINE. His determination to strive with the SUPERNAL was one that led to TRANSFORMATION. The TRANSFORMATION was a change in identification. From the higher perspective, the change was the putting off of MORTALITY and the putting on of IMMORTALITY. Thus revealing ISRAEL to be a DIVINE SPARK within the heart, disclosing that the SOUL is ONE with G-d. As aforementioned the realization of the SUPERNAL SOUL within man/woman is destined to be ACTUALIZED into being. The actualization of the revelation of being ONE with G-d is manifested as ETERNAL LIFE. The NEVIIM disclosed that a TIME has been predetermined by ECHAD to effect the MANIFESTATION of ETERNAL LIFE in the human conscious experience. Israel has been chosen by ECHAD to effect the manifestation of ETERNAL LIFE within CREATION. The manifestation of ISRAEL is an EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS that cannot be denied. As ISRAEL responds to the pressures that are without, the ETERNAL LIFE that is within will come into being.

Therefore arise and shine, O ISRAEL, for your light has come and all of humanity will come to participate in the BRIGHTNESS of ETERNAL LIFE.

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