The Ten Commandments

The ESERT HA DEBARIM which is the IVRI (Hebrew) transliteration for the Ten Words is the term commonly used by Benei Yisrael (the children of Israel) descriptive of the Ten Commandments, that is, the ESERET HA DEBARIM, is a covenant that Hashem HaKadosh Baruch Hu audibly spoke to Benei Yisrael at Mt. Sinai after delivering us from Egyptian (MITZRI) bondage by the Navi (prophet) Moses. Read Exodus 20:1-14 and Deuteronomy 5:1-22.

The covenant termed the Ten Commandments is like unto a marriage contract. Guarding and doing the MITZVOT (commandments) that are contained within will give rise to maintaining a conscious union with Hashem HaKadosh Baruch Hu and the avoidance of spiritual adultery. Be encouraged to learn them both in the IVRI tongue and English.

I. לֹֽ֣א יִהְיֶֽה־לְךָ֛֩ אֱלֹהִ֥֨ים אֲחֵרִ֖֜ים עַל־פָּנָֽ֗יַ
Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

II. לֹֽ֣א תַֽעֲשֶׂ֨ה־לְךָ֥֣ פֶ֣֙סֶל֙, לֹֽא־תִשְׁתַּחְוֶ֥֣ה לָהֶ֖ם֮
Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them.

III. לֹ֥א תִשָּׂ֛א אֶת־שֵֽׁם־יְהוָ֥ה אֱלֹהֶ֖יךָ לַשָּׁ֑וְא
Thou shalt not take the name Hashem your God in vain.

IV. זָכוֹר אֶת-יֹום הֵשֵׁבָּת לְקֵדְּשׁוֹ
Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy.

V. כַּבֵּ֥ד אֶת־אָבִ֖יךָ וְאֶת־אִמֶּ֑ךָ
Honour thy father and thy mother.

VI. לֹ֥֖א תִּֿרְצָֽ֖ח
Thou shalt not kill.

VII. לֹ֣֖א תִּֿנְאָֽ֑ף
Thou shalt not commit adultery.

VIII. לֹ֣֖א תִּֿגְנֹֽ֔ב
Thou shalt not steal

IX. לֹֽא־תַעֲנֶ֥ה בְרֵעֲךָ֖ עֵ֥ד שָֽׁקֶר
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

X. לֹ֥א תַחְמֹ֖ד
Thou shalt not covet.

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