Rabbinical Seminary Yeshivat Tzion

Rabbinical Seminary Yeshivat Tzion is a Neo Hasidic institution established to embody the revelation of the Neviim which declared, "... in the end of days the mountain of the temple of HaShem will be firmly established as the head of the mountain and it will be exalted above the hills and the nations will stream to it." Isaiah 2:2

Rabbinical Seminary Yeshivat Tzion is a non-conventional Rabbinical Seminary purposed to aid the aspiring Rabbi in the attainment of physical immortality and the predetermined assignment to assist the Jewish people and the nations of the world in the fulfillment of the GOAL of CREATION.

The semichah received at Rabbinical Seminary Yeshivat Tzion is spiritual in nature in succession with the Neviim thus enabling the Rabbi in the fulfillment of the Supernal decree that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of HaShem as water covers the seabed.

Tuition: $250.00 down payment plus Maaser per class/session.

Application Fee: $15.00

Requirements: * Must show proof of Jewish Identity. * 3 letters of recommendation plus a letter from the student. * Must connect to one of the Rabbis for admissions.

Semicha must be in person.

Founder: Rebbe Moshe ben Avraham
President: Rabbi Betzalel
Vice President: Rabbi Aharon ben Moshe
Administrative Secretary and Admissions:

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