Jewish Time Line

    2000                              2000                          2000

· The beginning - the Creation of the Adamic Civilization
· @ 2000 B.C.E - The Flood, the beginning of the Noahdic Civilization
· 1812 B.C.E. - Abraham of Ur (Modern day Iraq)
    · The beginning of Judaism with 3 core ideas
    · G-D
    · Torah
  · The land of Yisrael
    · The birth of Isaac 1712 B.C.E.
    · The birth of Isaac's sons
    · Esau 1652 B.C.E.
    · Jacob 1652 B.C.E.
    · The birth of the 12 sons of Jacob
    · The time of Joseph 1544 B.C.E.
    · The 2 great civilizations
    · Mesopotamian
    · Mitzrayim
· 1522 B.C.E. - As a result of famine, Abraham's great grandchildren leave Yisrael and settle in Mitzrayim.
    · After many years, the children of Yisrael become enslaved 1428 B.C.E.
    · The birth of Moses 1392 B.C.E.
· 1312 B.C.E. - G-D forces Pharaoh to free Yisrael from slavery
    · The 10 plagues
    · The receiving of the law at Mt. Sinai 1312 B.C.E.
    · The Golden Calf
    · The 12 spies
· 1272 - 1106 B.C.E. - Yisrael settles in the Promised Land
    · Joshua and the Conquest
    · The time of the Judges
· 1106 - 796 B.C.E.
    · 884 B.C.E. - Saul becomes King of Yisrael and reigns for 2 years (882 B.C.E.)
    · David who is born in 907 B.C.E. becomes King after Saul in 877 B.C.E.
    · David reigns for 40 years and dies in 837 B.C.E. at the age of 70.
    · After the death of King David, Solomon who is born in 848 B.C.E. becomes King at the age of 12 and reigns 40 years, at the age of 52, Solomon dies in 796 B.C.E.
    · King Solomon builds the Temple 825 B.C.E.
    · The Queen of Sheba
    · (BILKIS, MAKEDA) visits King Solomon. King Solomon impregnates her and she has a son named MENILEK (DAVID) who will reign in Ethiopia.
    · During the construction of the first Temple, Ethiopia converts of Judaism.
    · At the death of the Queen of Sheba, Menilek is crowned King of Ethiopia.
· 796 B.C.E. - After King Solomon's death, the nation (Kingdom) is divided into two Kingdoms.
    · The Northern Kingdom (the Kingdom of Yisrael) under the leadership of King Jeroboam.
    · The Southern Kingdom (the Kingdom of Judah) under the leadership of Rehoboam.
· The Assyrian Conquest of the Northern Kingdom creating the 10 Lost Tribes 555 B.C.E.
    · The Samaritans are exiled to the Land and are converted into Judaism.
· The Babylonian Conquest of Judah 422 B.C.E.
    · The carrying away of 10,000 Jews
    · The Destruction of the Temple on the 9th of Av
· The Armies of the Medes and the Persians conquer Babylon.
    · 370 B.C.E. - Cyrus issues a decree allowing all indigenous people to return to their homeland.
    · The building of the 2nd Temple 352 B.C.E.
    · The building of the Temple is interrupted for 18 years.
    · The first Temple period lasted 410 years (with 18 high priests).
    · The second Temple period lasted420 years (with 300 high priests).
· The Men of the Great Assembly
    · Assumed leadership between 410 B.C.E. and 310 B.C.E.
· 312 B.C.E. - Judah is conquered by the Greeks.
· 245 B.C.E. - Torah Translated into Greek.
    · The beginning of the Greek Persecution
· 168 - 164 B.C.E. - Under the leadership of the Maccabees, there is a successful revolt against the Greek-Syrian King, Antiochus, for a short period, Judah is free from external control.
    · 139 B.C.E. - the Miracle of Chanukah
· 63 B.C.E. - The Romans Invade Yisrael.
· 37 B.C.E. - Herod the Great begins his reign.
· 32 B.C.E. - The Time of Hillel and Shammai
· 30 C.E. - The Romans execute Jews (Joshua), Jesus' followers abandon Judaism and spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.
· 50 C.E. - The Great Period of Ethiopia begins. Akseem became the capital of a new line of Jewish Kings in Ethiopia.
    · During the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th centuries, Judaism was politically powerful in Arabia.
· 66 - 70 C.E. - The Jews organize the Great Revolt against Roman Rule which fails.
    · Yerushaliyim is conquered by Rome on the 7th of Tamuz.
    · The Temple is destroyed on the 9th of Av.
· 130 - 135 C.E.
    · The Jews revolt in the Land.
    · The Romans force Yisrael to leave Yerushaliyim and forbid the practice of Judaism.
    · The revolt is led by Simon Bar Kochba.
    · Simon Bar Kochba makes final effort in city of Betar.
  · Betar falls on 9th of Av 135 C.E.
· 170 - 200 C.E. - The Mishnah was born followed by
    · The Babylonian Talmud
    · The Yerushaliyim Talmud
· 200's B.C.E. - The Jews continue to practice Judaism illegally under Roman Rule. Babylonia becomes the major center of Jewish activity.
· The century and a half that followed the completion of Mishnah corresponds to the period when Rome adopts Christianity.
    · The Jews reject the idea of Jesus being MASHIYACH because he does not fulfill the prophecies.
    · The MASHIYACH must
    · Be a descendant from the line of King David
    · Be of the tribe of Judah
    · Possess Torah Knowledge
    · Possess the leadership ability to bring exiles back from the lands of captivity to the land of Yisrael
    · Rebuild the Temple
    · Bring world peace
    · Elevate the entire world to a Conscious Union with G-D
Scriptures - Genesis 49:10; Deuteronomy 17:15; Numbers 24:17; I Chronicles 17:11; Psalm 89:29-38; Jeremiah 33:17; II Samuel 7:12-16; Isaiah 2:4; 27:12,13;40:5; Micah 4:3; Zephaniah 3:9; Ezekiel 37:24-28
    · The conversion of Constantine
    · Christianity becomes the State Religion.
· 400's C.E. - Numerous Jewish Academies are built in Babylonia by a Jewish leader known as the EXILARCH.
    · 495 C.E. - The Babylonian Talmud is written down.
· In the early part of the 6th century C.E., the Jewish Power in Yemen reaches its zenith, the Golden Age for black Jews in Yemen.
· By 622 C.E. 22 Hebrew Kings had reigned in Ghana.
· 622 C.E. - Mohammed IBN ABDALLAH initiates Islam is Arabia built upon the 5 pillars.
    · Faith in One G-D (there is no G-D but Allah)
    · Prayer (5 times a day)
    · Charity (2.5% of one's income)
    · Pilgrimage to Mecca called HAJ (once in a lifetime)
    · Fasting (from dusk to dawn for 30 days during the month of Ramadah)
· 640 C.E. - The black Jewish Queen Diah CAHENA organized an army of Jews and Berbers to stop the penetration of Islam into North Africa.
· 691 C.E. - ABD AL MALIK built the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount and called it QUBBAT AS SAKKAH.
· 740 - 970 C.E. - Judaism spreads to Russia where the Kingdom of Khazar becomes Jewish.
· By 790 C.E., 44 Hebrew Kings had reigned in Ghana.
· 950 - 1391 C.E. - A large Jewish community developed in Spain. The Jews experience freedom under Christian and Islamic rule.
· In the 9th century C.E., a black Hebrew arrived to the city of Kairouan Algeria named ELDAD the DANITE and discloses the story of a Hebrew Empire south of the Sahara in western Sudan.
· 950 - 1100 C.E. - Jews settle in England, France, Germany. Many developments in Jewish study occur in these areas.
    · Maimonides modernizes the bible and Mishnah study.
· 1096 - 1320 C.E. - Many Jews are killed during the Crusades. Some escape to Poland.
· 1200 - 1400 C.E. - Jewish persecution continues in Western Europe. In 1290, Jews expelled from England because they are too poor to pay taxes.
· 1335 C.E. - Black Hebrew princes were appointed as RAGES in Mali.
· 1348 - 1349 C.E. - Jews blamed for black plague, expelled from many countries, immigration to Poland increases.
· 1300 - 1492 C.E. - Oppression grows in Spain. In 1492, Jews ordered to leave Spain, continue to practice religion in secret.
· 1492 C.E. - The rise of the ASKIAN DYNASTY gave rise to the fall of the ZA-SONNI DYNASTY of the Black Hebrew Kings of SUDAN.
· 1500 - 1600 C.E. - Spanish and Portuguese Jews immigrate to Italy. The Turkish Empire, North Africa and the New World (America).
· 1619 C.E. - The first black Jew arrives in the New World (America) as a slave in the Atlantic slave trade.
· During 16th century, many Jews settled in the Netherlands, where they were able to formally practice Judaism. Members of this group founded successful Jewish communities in England.
· 1400 C.E. - 1648 C.E. - Jews lived peacefully in Poland. They are governed by the Jewish Council of Four Lands.
· 1500 - 1700 C.E. - The Marranos move to Holland and France, where they are permitted to practice their religion freely. Jews begin to move to England.
· 1750's C.E. - A new sect of Judaism known as Hasidism emerges in Eastern Europe.
· 1787 C.E. - The Constitution of America promises religious freedom providing equal rights for European Jews.
· 1791 C.E. - After French Revolution, Jews were granted citizenship in countries conquered by Napoleon.
· 1815 C.E. - Jews lose their equal rights in Germany but gain them in
    · Netherlands
    · Great Britain
  · In the 18th century, Polish Jews came under Russian rule.
    · In 1791, the Pale of Settlement is established restricting where Jews can live.
· 1800 - 1900 C.E. - The concept of equal rights continues to spread throughout western Europe. Jews experience more religious freedom.
    · Black Jews who were a part of the Atlantic Slave Trade experience a conscious awakening and begin to return to the practice of Judaism.
    · The Reform Movement emerges in Germany.
· 1804 C.E. - In Russia, Jews are constantly persecuted, only allowed to live in
    · Poland
    · Lithuania
    · Belarus
    · Latvia
    · Ukraine
    · POGROMS (organized persecution and massacre of Jews by Government) began in 1881.
    · Which led to Jews relocating to
    · Western Europe
    · Latin America
    · Palestine
    · United States
· 1867 C.E. - The Canadian Confederation is established.
· 1882 C.E. - The Temple Emanu-El, the first Reform Judaism congregation in Montreal is established.
· 1890 C.E. - The Conservative Judaism Movement is established in the United States.
    · Anti-Semitism increases in France.
    · Jews begin to actively support the idea of a Jewish Homeland in Palestine.
· 1897 C.E. - The First Zionist Congress takes place founded by Theodor Herzl.
· 1900 - 1914 C.E. - The POGROMS continue in Russia resulting in the increasing of immigration to western Europe, North America and Palestine.
· 1914 - 1918 C.E. - World War I unfolds in Europe, · Great Britain issues the Balfour Declaration (1917 C.E.) stating that the British Government - �views with favor� the creation of a Jewish Homeland in Palestine.
· 1916 - 1974 C.E. - Haile Selassie of the lineage of King Solomon and Queen Makeda becomes regent and Emperor of Ethiopia.
· After World War I, British Agents make conflicting promises to the Arabs and Jews leading to riots in Palestine in 1920 and 1929.
· 1929 C.E. - The leadership of Non-Zionist join with Zionist to create the JEWISH AGENCY to help Jews settle in Palestine.
  · The United States and others impose strict immigration QUOTAS.
· 1933 C.E. - The Nazi Party takes over Germany, and blames the Jews for the countries misfortunes placing them in concentration camps.
· 1939 - 1945 C.E. - World War II unfolds.
  · Hitler implements FINAL SOLUTION (the extermination of Jews), 6,000,000 Jews are slaughtered.
· 1948 - The State of Israel is established.
· 1969 - The African Hebrew Yisraelites begin to return home.

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