Leviticus 1:1-5:26

by Shekinah bat Moshe

Devar TORAH: Vayikra (And He called)

Scripture: Vayikra (Leviticus) 1:1-5:26

Mishkan David: Chazak! Chazak! Venischazeik! (Be Strong! Be Strong! And may we be Strengthened!)

The last thing the nation of Israel heard in Shemos (Exodus) were the afore mentioned words.

Now we see Moses getting the different types of offerings, how the people are to bring them, and how the priests are to perform. These offerings encompass animals, meal, sin and offerings for the entire nation if they shall err, or if guilty of willful sin or robbery. If they will do as YAH Echad has said to Moses they will be forgiven.

My/Our Teacher has brought us the path that we are to take on tonight and has said now is the time to walk in it. We must now be the priests, prophets, teachers to deliver those who are suffering waiting on the move of YAH Echad to take place, to be delivered by/through the knowledge of the truth. We are now to go out and bring this truth to the nations. Not looking behind (at how we have suffered or at how our nation suffered) but to use what we have gone through to cause others to come into the knowledge of this truth!!!

We must be strong, be strong, and continue to be strengthened, as we follow the path my/our Teacher, Rebbe Moshe ben Avraham, shows me/us! BARUCH YAH ECHAD!!!