Bereshit 18:1-22:24

by Shekinah

Devar Torah – VaYera (and HE appeared)

Scripture: Bereshith (Genesis) 18:1-22:24

How does this compare to Mishkan David?

After watching the effects of the help of the angelic beings of Partzuf with Abram’s mixture/trust of what Echad says will come to pass, we see an encounter with Echad, (HASHEM in our Tanak), coming to pass with Abram on a mountain.

Bereshith 18:1 says HASHEM visits Abram. Then it says three angels…

Rebbe teaches (and TORAH confirms) that all things were/are created by HASHEM (G_D). If you continue reading in the devar Torah of Bereshith chapter 18 you find out the three levels of the angels: 1) One angel tells of Sarah who will be a mother by next year this time (birth of Isaac). 2) One angel to tell of the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah. 3) The angel that causes the intercession and rescue of Lot and his daughters.

If I were to compare this to Mishkan David I would say that Abraham was representing being in the Holies of Holies. The High Priest (Holies of Holies) is given all kinds of things to present to Echad for cleansing, forgiveness and salvation: 1) Sarah is cleansed from the blockage of not bearing a child – even in her old age. 2) Abram intercedes as priest for the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah – even down to only 10 people. 3) The High Priest (Abram) pleads for the life of Lot and gets it.

Outer court (birth) – Inner court (the receiving of the sacrifice) – and Holy of Holies (the process of entering the cause – which is the Holy of Holies).

Echad (HASHEM, G_D) is the holy of holies. We are birthed in the outer court (space, time and motion) and must traverse through the inner court, (effect), to get back to our ONENESS with Echad.

Following the life, trust and teachings of Abram (even to the teaching of his son that nothing is to be held back from Echad) shows us the trek to Mishkan David.

by D'Vorah

The portion Vayeira (He Appeared), begins with the story of Abraham and the three angels telling him that Sarah will bear a son. The angels destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of the many sins committed there. Lot's family escapes but his wife looks back and becomes a pillar of salt. And Abraham is commanded to sacrifice his son Isaac but in the last moment an angel stops the execution and a ram is sacrificed instead.

Abraham's entire life is based on only one thing: to bring the Light of the Creator to the world, and to spread His wisdom and understanding to as many people as he can. Hashem told Abraham that by having a son, Isaac, that his hard work would continue with Isaac.

So, why was Hashem asking him to sacrifice Isaac? Often what causes us the most pain in life is when something happens that doesn't make sense. It was not how we planned it, it was not what we wanted to happen, and so we get upset.

This is really a superhuman test, when your told that everything you've built your life around is going to be completely finished.

Isaac was happy that he was going on a spiritual journey with his father that he loved so much. But Abraham had this same joy? He did because he understood that in a situation where all physical indications and your mind are telling you this is the worst thing in the world, you can still be happy because you know it's coming from Hashem. Abraham didn't know why Hashem was telling him to sacrifice his son. But he had certainty beyond logic.

We can all get to this place of certainty beyond logic. How does it start? In the small things. Every day our mind tells us to be upset or sad about this situation or angry at that person. We live our lives with a tremendous appreciation of just how smart we are, that we understand everything or everybody, and make our decisions based upon that. Understanding runs everything - emotions and actions.

But you know what? There is going to come a point in our lives when our minds are not going to be smart enough to figure everything out. So today you can make the choice on living your life based on knowledge or you can live your life based on Hashem.

Being able to get to the place of desiring to have certainty beyond logic - and to achieve it - is a blessing and gift. You have to make a choice. Do you want it to be based on your knowledge, on your brain and understanding and your five senses, or do you want it to be based on Hashem?

Hashem can give us the strength and ability to get there, as Abraham did, the place of certainty beyond logic, and there is nothing that can ever upset us again.