Bereshit 28:10-32:3

by Shekinah

Devar Torah – VaYeitzei (And He Went Out)

Scripture: Bereshith (Genesis) 28:10-32:3

Mishkan David – Outer Court (Existence/Blessing) Inner Court (Sacrifice/Knowledge)

Holy of Holies (One with Echad/ Bliss)

Bereshith 18:1 says HASHEM visits Abram. Then it says three angels…

In looking at the life of Jacob we see him being chosen, born and blessed (outer court/existence - Genesis 25:22-23; 28:1-4 & 28:10-22); sacrificing/learning as he was sent to stay with Laban (inner court/wealth & power – Genesis 30:43 & 31:38-42) and Holies of Holies (knowledge/bliss/spiritual Israel-Genesis 31:1-3/32:2-3). Please read Genesis 31:4-32:1.

In looking at the life of Jacob we see him being chosen, born and blessed, going through sacrifices of wealth and power, gaining knowledge, spiritual Israel and entering ONENESS (bliss) with Echad.

Rebbe Moshe ben Avraham teaches us that these are systems that we go through in this earthen realm that causes us to reach the point where we receive the unbound blessings of Echad, become one with Him and start bestowing Echad’s blessings (knowledge/education) upon others.

This was the life of Jacob. He was cared for and blessed. Through 20 years sacrificial living away from his mother, father and family, he learned how to manage wealth, power and knowledge from God. And finally, through hearing God’s voice, and help from partzuf, he learned how to bestow blessings on others without their knowledge and sometimes even through his fear!

We are destined to follow in the footsteps of our father Abraham and his generations, to be the example of the nation of Israel and Echad in the earth! “Who is wise and will understand these things; [who is] understanding and will know them? For the ways of HASHEM are straight; the righteous will walk in them and sinners will stumble over them.” Hosea 14:10.