Bereshit 37:1-40:23

by Shekinah

Devar TORAH -Vayeishev (and he settled)

Scripture: Bereshith (Genesis) 37:1-40:23

Mishkan David (Holies of Holies)

This will be short and to the point! Look for your TEACHER!!! He has or will appear. Isaiah 30:19-21. In reading/studying devar TORAH Vayeishev I found Joseph to be a Teacher to the inth degree. No matter what was done, how it was done, who did it, he remained his father’s son.

The teaching his father Jacob got while at Shem’s school (house) for 14 years was instilled into Joseph. No doubt Jacob (Israel) told him of things he’d been accused of and the instructions from Echad that proved true even in adversity. I believe we don’t have epiphanies for Joseph because the dreams were his epiphanies and he remembered them, being taught how Echad had visited his father Jacob (Israel) when he would lay down in a certain place.

We see the pressure upon Joseph, but he never gives in or tries to work his way out of them. He trusts in the G_d his father introduced to him. When your Teacher appears he/she will tell you “This is the path, walk in it, whether you go to your right or to your left…”, through pressure, pain, obstacles or gain, Isaiah 30:21. Joseph went through being sheltered with food and clothing; he enjoyed the wealth and power that his father had, and received the knowledge that his father Jacob (Israel) taught him until the point of Israel in his heart was activated. He listened to his Teacher, Jacob (Israel)!

My Teacher, Rebbe Moshe ben Avraham, has been and is walking the path. He teaches me that no matter the pressure, no matter what comes, it is the unbound blessing from Echad causing me to be who He established me to be in the cause, and it must manifest in the effect.

Please read the Haftarah for Vayeishev: Amos 2:6-3:8. He gives examples of what happens to AM Israel and why. “Do two people walk together, unless they had [so] arranged?” “For the Lord HASHEM/ELOHIM will not do anything unless he has revealed His secret to His servant the prophets” (teachers). Amos 3:3, 7.

Find your Teacher and follow the path that he/she shows you – no matter the pressure!!! It is an unbound blessing from Echad that will manifest in AM ISRAEL!!!