Deuteronomy 31:1-30

by Yehoshua ben Moshe

Shalom Aleichem

We commence this D’var Torah by focusing upon the title of the parashat. The title of the parashat is “VAYEILECH”. The IVRI transliteration is interpreted as “WENT” The sidrah opens up with the revelation that there is going to be a change of leadership within the nation of Israel. From the ROOT LANGUAGE this is giving rise to a Teacher – Student relationship being developed. No doubt, the Torah is given to the people in the BRANCH LANGUAGE, but it is supposed to be INTERPRETED from the ROOT LANGUAGE and this takes a Teacher sent by ECHAD (the G-d of Israel). This Teacher is also a prophet in Israel, “A prophet from your midst, from your brethren, like me, shall HASHEM, your God, establish for you – to him shall you hearken. According to all that you asked of HASHEM, your God, in Horeb on the day of the congregation, saying, “I can no longer hear the voice of HASHEM, my God, and this great fire I can no longer see, so that I shall not die.” Then HASHEM said to me: They have done well in what they have said. I will establish a prophet for them from among their brethren, like you, and I will place My words in his mouth; He shall speak to them everything that I will command him. And it shall be that the man who will not hearken to My words that he shall speak in My Name, I will exact from him. But the prophet who willfully shall speak a word in My Name, that which I have not commanded him to speak, or who shall speak in the name of the gods of others – that prophet shall die. When you say in your heart, “How can we know the word that HASHEM has not spoken?” If the prophet will speak in the Name of HASHEM and that thing will not occur and not come about – that is the word that HASHEM has not spoken; with willfulness has the prophet spoken it, you should not fear him.” Deuteronomy. 18:15-22. This is to show that a Prophet is a Torah Teacher and a Torah Teacher is a prophet. The Teacher will come in the Name of G-d that is revealed at that time. The INSTRUCTIONS given by Moshe Rebenu  aided the nation of Israel in their journey, so it is in our day. The MASTER TEACHER OF TORAH will cause for the SUCCESSION of Torah to be transferred down to the students in line with him/her. The aid will be in undergoing the CORRECTION. The CORRECTION is dealing with transforming the desires of the heart into the desire to be ONE WITH G-D or DIVINE INTENT. In undergoing the CORRECTION the VOICE OF G-D will be made manifest through the voice of the Torah Teacher. This idea is further substantiated in the prophets, “ The Lord will give you meager bread and scant water; your Teacher will no longer be hidden behind His garment, and your eyes will behold your Teacher. And your ears will listen [even] to a word spoken from behind you, saying, ‘This is the path; walk in it, whether you go to your right or to your left.’” Let us not forget that G-d no longer speaks to ALL OF ISRAEL equally as He done with Moshe and He said that from that point on from Mt Sinai He would not speak like that to the Jewish people so then there still a need for a Torah Teacher / Prophet sent by the Holy Blessed One of Israel. So then when there is a Word given by someone concerning the Torah there is a need to TEST it according to Torah and that is to hearken to the Voice of that Teacher. The judgment of Death is upon that Torah Teacher if he is false. Or not speaking in harmony to what the G-d of Israel is saying. The Torah Teacher is going to aid humanity in reaching the Goal of Creation. The Goal of Creation is to become ONE WITH THE CREATOR. To become One with Him is manifest in the Physical Body as PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY or a constant state of Improvement. This is done with a COMMUNITY. The Nation of Israel has always been a community, that is the Goal of Creation is to be reached by more than one person in this generation.