Bereshit 47:28-50:26

by Yehoshua

We began this parashat with the focus being on the Hebrew transliteration VAYECHI and the idea of “Lived”. This Torah Portion starts off with the following statement “Jacob lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years; and the days of Jacob – the years of his life- were one hundred and forty-seven years.” (Gen. 47:28.). From the perspective of MISHKAHN DAVEED we are able to discern what the Torah is really saying in the Higher (Root Language) Interpretation above what the lower (Branch Language) Interpretation is saying. Jacob didn’t “Die off” but lived on. There is no death in LIFE, so when Torah tells us “….you shall choose life, so that you will live,…” (Deut. 30:19) This is a choice that we are given to make which ultimately has to do with eating either from the Tree of Life or the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In other words, When you eat from the Tree of Life your comprehension of (Echad) G-d is made clearer to you. The idea of being ONE with G-d is realized and if G-d does not die then you can’t either. With this concept understood the very thought of “death” is no longer something to fear. Even if your physical body was to drop off (transition) there will be no pain nor loss of Consciousness. Your spiritual attainments begin and the Ascension Higher into your soul begins once you began to “Eat from the Tree of Life” (Perspective of Reality) which is concepts such as G-d is doing nothing but pouring out Good upon us.. The goal of Creation is that all of Creation (Humanity) will become like G-d, but those who make these Attainments will be the first to become like Him. Jacob was one of those firsts. Although he made attainments it will be different in our time because the attainments will began to be made by COMMUNITIES (a group of people) instead of just one or two. Jacob was under going the Correction in his time and warned his sons (Children of Israel) to undergo this same Correction in our time (End of Days) in Gen. 49.

by Shekinah

Devar TORAH: Vayechi - (and he lived)

Scripture: Bereshith (Genesis) 47:28-50:26

Mishkan David – ONE

Genesis is the book of beginnings. But of what??? It is our beginning of becoming who, what, why, where and how the nation that Echad chose in the cause comes into the light/existence of the effect!!!

Jacob’s life is a testimony of a FATHER who teaches all his children, and recognizes the standout(s) or the one(s) who receives His teachings.

Joseph’s life is, to me, an outstanding example of a child who receives the teachings/wisdom of his father and then walks it out.

Both Jacob and Joseph loved Echad and trusted, not just believed, but trusted that what Echad said would come to pass and that in their input/purpose in bringing it to pass they would not disobey! Baruch Hashem!!!

Our Teacher is an example of walking in his purpose in the effect because of his trust in Echad and what He has said in the cause. I thank Echad for my Teacher/Father Rebbe Moshe ben Abraham for his teaching me TRUTH. I am and have always been AM ISRAEL!

Jacob gave blessings to his sons, (Joseph’s two sons also as his own), and spoke how Echad would take care of them (AM ISRAEL). They believed!!! The beginning has ended. Now it’s time for the next step – EXODUS OUT OF AND INTO!!!