Shemot 35:1-38:20

by Sarah bat Moshe

Vayakhel - and assembled. Moshe assembled the children of Yisrael and commanded them about the keeping of the Shabbat. To keep the Shabbat means to set it apart from all other days by doing all that is required. To sanctify it is the kiddush, prayers and oneh, also the bridling of the tongue. This is a gift that Echad has given to us so our hearts should be motivated to do the work if we are wise in what we do or say. The Tabernacle is not a building of a thing, it's the building of ourselves to accomplish what Echad has predetermined us to do. We are building up a nation by being Tikkun Olam. This is a spiritual Tabernacle, not a physical one. This can not be done alone, it takes teamwork. G-d is providing the tools that are needful for this task; Torah being the foundation of it all and the vision that is coming out of Torah. We have to follow this vision no matter what, the vision leads us. We can not fail in this because power is behind us. We have to be like our Patriarch Abraham, he went through challenges but he kept going. We have to be persistent in everything we do. If we all hang on to the vision and walk in it, we can get this movement accomplished. We don't need a multitude to do this, but we need each other to accomplish this.

by Yehoshua ben Moshe

Shalom Shalom,

We want to commence this D’var Torah by focusing on the title of the PARASHAT ‘VAYAKHEL’ (And Assembled) and looking at this from the perspective of MISHKAHN DAVEED. The work of the Tabernacle is actually the work of the Human conscious experience. When it talks about “Every wise-hearted person among you shall come and make everything that Yah Echad has commanded: “…Ex.35:10) This is making reference to those Host Souls or Holy Supreme Ones whose “Hearts Motivates him”… (verse 5) and knows the ‘right use of things’ (wisdom). In our time, we are in the season of Judgment. Judgment is Echad’s (God’s) determine counsel on what He has DECREED will come to pass. A prophet of Echad (God) will come to disclose what season is going to unfold in that time. The prophet Daniel spoke about our time (Chapter. 7:26) saying “But judgment will be set “… It goes on to talk about the dominion will be “taken” by the Holy Supreme Ones. This “taken” will occur by “force”. The “force” will be with words. The dominion that rules the planet right now is the EGO. The EGO rules in every aspect of Human Development. The different forms of human development unfolded Egotistical and not collectively. Those who are wise-hearted and hearts motive them (Men & Women Ex. 35:22) will take the dominion, not as “men”, but as SONS OF THE LIVING GOD. This Holy Supreme Nation will be those of a Spiritual Mind to bring Healing to those who are wounded and sick. There is a need for a cure and it is HERE with those who are Healed. (Jer. 30: 12-16) shalom.

by Shekinah bat Moshe

Devar TORAH: Vayak’heil (and he assembled)

Scripture: Shemos (Exodus) 35:1-38:20

Mishkan David: Holy of Holies (Perpetual)

3rd Step (continued) – Teacher in the last parsha went up. When he came down his face shown (I believe like the bush he saw that didn’t burn up – my Teacher’s revelation.) The people were afraid of him. When he covered his face they would listen.

I believe the shining took place as he experienced the ONENESS of he and Echad on the mountain as he received the revelation that Echad gave him of His 13 Attributes. (Please read Shemos 34:6-7)

In this parsha we get a repetition of the necessities for the building of the Tabernacle and the availability of Bezalel and Oholimah tackling this awesome task. After having received above and beyond the necessary materials they began the work along with others who were qualified.

Our Teacher teaches me/us that there are levels even when you come into the knowledge of my/our oneness with Echad. Had the children of Israel listened to Moses I probably wouldn’t be writing this devar Torah. But because of unbelief, and only Moses ascending to the Holy of Holies at this point, here I am writing these things down. Only Moses received instructions, and delivered the instructions, to the people.

Remember: Outer Court – our physical bodies (Bereshith/Genesis 2:7); Inner Court - how we receive and carry out the commandments of Echad [Proverbs 23:7]; Holy of Holies – knowledge of our oneness with Echad and shining the light of Echad (Zechariah 14:9; Isaiah 60:3). [All scripture from Tanak]

My/Our Teacher, Rebbe Moshe ben Avraham teaches us, “This is the path, walk in it. Take the lamp shade off and SHINE!!!”
Baruch Echad!!! To be continued---