Shemot 6:2-9:35

by Baruch ben Yisrael

“And Yah said, Because the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is great and because their transgression is very grave, I will go down now and see whether they have done altogether according to the outcry against it that has come to me: and if not, I will know.” (Bereshit 18:20-21)

In these verses, the plan to destroy the wicked cities is outlined, and Abraham being set apart unto Yah, demonstrates our true purpose in life even to those who are considered lost. Abraham intercedes on the behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah for whatever perversion may have been there, Abraham spoke for those who may be saved (Bereshit 18:23-32). Reading further into VA-YERA, it should be understood that even when those set apart unto Yah intercede on others behalf, it is sometimes not enough. In verse 19:15-17, Lot and his household are told to flee the plains and not look back, being told what is about to happen and realizing that you and your family are the only ones being spared should have been enough to ensure obedience. However in V. 19:26, it says, “But his wife looks intently back toward Sodom and Gomorrah and was turned to a pillar of salt.”

Although we intercede for others, if it is not in their heart to follow Yah and his instructions, they will turn back either literally or with their heart and suffer for it.

by Tobiyah ben Moshe

The Ivri transliterated word Va’eira is translated as, And I Appeared.

In this Sidrah, G-d speaks to Moshe confirming once again the NAME HASHEM (tetragrammaton), revealing that He appeared to Avraham, Yitzchak, and to Yaakov as EL SHADDAI, but by the NAME HASHEM (tetragrammaton) “I did not make Myself known to them.” Shemot 6:3. This is the traditional translation of this verse. When viewed in the Ivri, this verse reads, “vaeira El Avraham el Yitzchak v’el Yaakov b’el Shaddai ush’mi HASHEM lo noda’ti lahem. Which can also be translated, “And I appeared to Avraham, to Yitzchak, and to Yaakov as El Shaddai, but with My NAME HASHEM did I not make Myself known to them? In the reading of this translation and interpretation, it is understood that a rhetorical question was being asked. The translation and interpretation agrees with the early writings of Torah:
“To the site of the alter which he had erected there at first, and Abram invoked (Heb.-to call out, call forth, call upon, proclaim, pronounce, say, to preach, to summon) HASHEM by NAME.” Bereshit 13:4. HE said to him, I am HASHEM who brought you out of Ur Kasdim to give you this land to inherit it. Bereshit 15:7. When Abram was ninety-nine years old, HASHEM appeared to Abram and said to him, I am El Shaddai, walk before me and be perfect. Bereshit 17:1.

The Sages note that God has various NAMES that represent the different way in which G-d revealed Himself to the Patriarchs, and to Moshe. It is this understanding that gives rise to Ascension to those who are undergoing the Human Conscious experience. The Understanding of the Concealed Characteristics and Attributes of The Supernal being Revealed and Manifested in the Era of Time and Space - that is Dispensations.

In this Dispensation, God has Manifest Himself as ECHAD. This was revealed to the Navi Zechariah, V’hayah HASHEM l’Melech al kol haartz, bayou hahu yihyeh HASHEM ECHAD ush’mo ECHAD. HASHEM will be King over all the world - on that day HASHEM will be ONE and His NAME will be ONE. Zechariah 14:9. This Enlightenment brings Harmony and Unification. That is being ONE with ECHAD, which is the Goal of Creation.

God/ECHAD has revealed Himself to the SONS OF ADAM and the Patriarchs as Elohim, El Shaddai (Gen. 17:1), Adonai (Gen. 18:3), HASHEM (tetragrammaton) [Gen. 4:26, 13:4, 16:13, 15:7, 17:1, 22:14, 24:42, Ex. 3:14,15], And now ECHAD. This gives rise to Pure Soul Conscious, and Unbound Blessings. That is the Knowledge of Divine Purpose in Various NAMES, in different Dispensations. He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. Which is the Essence of HASHEM. The NAME given to Moshe Rebeynu, and B’nei Yisrael, allowing Ascension to a Higher Consciousness. God said further to Moshe, so shall you say to the Children of Israel, HASHEM, the God of your forefathers, the God of Avraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has dispatched me to you. This is my NAME Forever, and this is my remembrance from generation to generation. Shemot 3:15.

by Malachi ben Moshe

The Lord told Moshe that he remembered the covenant that he made with the patriarchs and promises to bring the children of Israel to the land of their forefathers. He makes four different declarations.

1. He will bring them out from under their burdens
2. He will deliver them from their bondage
3. He will redeem them with outstretched arms
4. He will take them as a people for himself

Moshe spoke these words to the children of Israel but their cruel workloads made it hard for them to trust him. The Lord instructed him to go speak with Pharaoh and to tell him to let them go. Moshe didn't believe he could convince Pharaoh when the children of Israel wouldn't even trust him.

The scriptures then go into the different genealogies. Moshe was still concerned about speaking to Pharaoh but the Lord had plans. He told him that him and Aaron, his brother, would go together. He forewarns that he would harden Pharaohs heart and it would allow him to demonstrate all his signs and wonders in the land of Egypt.

They went before Pharaoh and their staff became a serpent. He had his magicians duplicate the action but their snakes were devoured before them.

Next were the different signs. The first sign turned all the water in Egypt to blood. Pharaohs magicians were able to duplicate it so he paid the sign no heed. He instead hardened his heart and refused to let them go. Next he sent hordes of frogs to swarm the land of Egypt. They caused mass but again the magicians used their dark arts to imitate and Pharaoh wouldn't listen to Moshe. He instead went and asked Moshe to rid them of the frogs. Moshe not only rid them, he did it at the exact time Pharaoh selected to show them the power was the Lords.

Next he struck the dust of the land and it became gnats. The gnats were not able to be duplicated and they knew God was at work. Still Pharaohs heart was hardened and he didn’t desire to let them go. Moshe spoke to Pharaoh tell him that next would a swarm that would differentiate between the Egyptians and the Hebrews, Pharaoh ignored, as usual by now, and the swarm brought ruin to the land of Egypt. Pharaoh finally decided their worship was important but still didn’t want to let them go to do so. He proposed for them to do it in the land of Egypt. Moshe told him that the would not worship on the same land as an Egyptian deity but to instead send them out into the wilderness. Pharaoh said he would if they rid them of the swarm but he changed his mind again and continued to be stubborn. The Lord had Moshe speak to Pharaoh again and warned him of the epidemic that would fall on his livestock if he didn't send them out. What was more amazing it that he only smote the Egyptian livestock even though that grazed together. Again with a hardened heart Pharaoh ignored the words of Moshe. The next plague was boils and blisters. They caused such a severe pain the magicians could not even attempt to demean the plague. Again with a hardened heart Pharaoh refused to send them out.

The Lord decided to use the next plague to show off his might to Pharaoh. He told them that he could have just killed them all with the epidemic and erased them from the world but he let them live to demonstrate his power and have his named declared throughout the land. He told them the next day hail would rain down and kill anything not in a house or in shelter. Some of his servants heeded the words of the Lord and brought their servants and beasts inside but many ignored the warning as well. The next day the Lord brought down fire and hail both at once. It smashed every person, beast, and tree in all the land of Egypt. The only exception was Goshen the dwelling place of the Hebrews. Pharaoh knew he and his servants were wicked for allow people to die for their pride. He asked Moshe to entreat the on his behalf until the was gone. Moshe spoke that he would but knew the fear of the Lord was not yet upon Pharaoh. He was right as Pharaoh hardened his heart yet again and would not let them go.

by Yehoshua ben Moshe

We commence this D’Var Torah by focusing on the parashat termed “VA’EIRA” which in IVRI means “And Appeared”. We want to start out by focusing on the name of G-d that is being revealed and the Divine name that follows. It is written, “God spoke to Moses and said to him, “I am יהוה . I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac , and to Jacob as El Shaddai, but with My name יהוה I did not make Myself know to them. (Ex. 6:2-3) From MISHKAHN DAVEED perspective the Name that was employed by our forefathers were specifically used at the time to reveal a quality of the Most High to manifest His Will at that time. In our time, He has a Name that He revealed in order to manifest the ONENESS of Him through the Name אחד (Echad). A prophet does not come in his own name, but instead in one of the many names of G-d. Zechariah. 14:9 is the revelation of the Name He causes us to use in our time. When Echad Reveals Himself it is not sensed by the 5 senses (Taste, touch, smell, seeing, hearing), but instead through what is termed a SIXTH SENSE or COMPREHENSION which is developed through Torah, Teacher, and a community. Moshe (the Teacher ), was given Torah, to teach the Community and so it is in our time. We have to Acsend above space and time in order to experience the UPPER FORCES that Manages the corporeal world. His appearance will be experienced by those who are One with Him.

by Shekinah bat Moshe

Devar TORAH: Va’Eira (and I appeared)

Scripture: Shemot (Exodus) 6:2-9:35

Mishkan David: Outer Court/Inner Court

“Exodus – Out of and Into” – the next step.
Israel has become a nation, as Echad said it would, but not knowledgeable of it and how awesome they are!
“And I appeared” reminds us of what Echad promised the patriarchs (I will make of you a great nation… a number like the grains of sand…). What Echad said has come to pass.
Now He sends His Teacher, Moses. When the Teacher appears so does the pressure, fear, complaining and finger pointing – Shemoth 5:1-23.

Now we see Echad appearing to Moses (Moshe). He tells him how he appeared to the patriarchs as El Shaddai (sufficient), but he, Moses, has the Name Hashem, Echad’s highest manifestation. Comparing the Name of the Patriarchs with the Name Moses had was actually providing pressure to the trust/faith of Moses. For the children of Israel Echad says, “Therefore, say to the children of Israel: ‘I am HASHEM, and I shall take you out from under the burdens of Egypt; I shall rescue you from their service; I shall redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgments. I shall take you to me for a people and I shall be a God to you; and you shall know that I am HASHEM your God, who takes you out from under the burdens of Egypt. I shall bring you to the land about which I raised My hand to give it to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and I shall give it to you as a heritage – I am HASHEM.’ ” Shemoth 6:6-8.

Chapter 6, verse 14 tells of the heads/elders of the tribes of Israel. Yet no Teacher has appeared out of them. Moses appeared as theTeacher of Echad for the Nation of Israel!!!

Isaiah 30:19-22 tells us What the Teacher’s responsibility is to them and to us. The Teacher will no longer be hidden – He/She will know they are chosen to TEACH – the nation will have to follow the path that the Teacher gives (murmuring, complaining as they go). Even with the proofs of Echad with the Teacher Moses (the plagues) the people complained and had trouble believing the Teacher had been sent by Echad because of the pressures exerted upon them by the Egyptians.

Our Teacher tells us that we have become the part of the Nation to teach others of the Nation of Israel that NOW is the time to “come out and go into.” The pressure is on. But I am watching the working of Echad as He prepares the Nation to actually occupy the land that He has given to us. BARUCH HASHEM!!!

Praise and thanks to Echad that our Teacher, Rebbe Moshe ben Avraham, keeps teaching us by Word (TORAH) and example, living it: “This is the path, walk in it!” And we watch and walk as Echad (I) appears!!!