Bereshit 25:19-28:9

by Yehoshua

Shalom shalom,

We commence this D’Var Torah by focusing on the title of the parashiot Toldot. This carries the idea of GENERATIONS/DESCENDANTS. When we look at the fact that Yitzchaq was not the physical first born we are encouraged to take another look at what the Torah is saying to us from the ROOT LANGUAGE concerning The giving of the BIRTHRIGHT. Yitzchaq is considered a prophet being that his father Abraham was a prophet and he received the instructions passed down through the RUACH (Spirit) which is shown in the last portion(Gen.25:5). As a HOST SOUL as well, Yitzchaq is destined to DESIRE the Spiritual things that his ANCESTORS desired that will aid him in the PATH. When we look at the beginning of this portion from the perspective of MISHKAHN DAVEED we see a revelation of the Two Nations in the womb of Rebecca and how the older Son is not always guaranteed the BIRTHRIGHT or the BLESSING just based off of simple age but based off of the PREDETERMINED GOAL of Echad (Hashem).

The Torah tells us that Ya’acov was a man of the Tent (Gen. 25:27) and Esau a man of the field. These ideas recorded in Torah tells us according to the ROOT LANGUAGE that Ya’acov was a man of INTROSPECTION and Esau was materialistic. This automatically shows that G-d predetermined the ONE who is concerned with SPIRITUALITY a life of management of the material world. Someone who is after the material world will be willing to give up spiritual things (Birthright) for the material things (lentil stew). For the HOST SOUL who is engaged in the process of SPIRITUALITY (INTROSPECTION) will be able to go through any amount of pressure such as a famine like Yitzchaq in chapter 26 and not only come out unharmed but SUCCESSFUL.

by Shekinah

Devar TORAH – Toldos (Generations)

Scripture: Bereshith (Genesis) 25:19-28:9

“And these are the offspring of Isaac son of Abraham-Abraham begot Isaac. Isaac entreated HASHEM opposite his wife, because she was barren. HASHEM allowed Himself to be entreated by him, and his wife Rebecca conceived. The children agitated within her, and she said, “If so, why am I thus?” And she went to inquire of HASHEM. And HASHEM said to her: “Two nations are within your womb; two regimes from your insides shall be separated; the might shall pass from one regime to the other, and the elder shall serve the younger.” When her term to bear grew full, then behold! There were twins in her womb. The first one emerged red, entirely like a hairy mantle; so they named him Esau. After that his brother emerged with his hand grasping on to the heel of Esau; so he called his name Jacob; Isaac was sixty years old when she bore them.” Genesis 25:22-26

“There was a famine in the land, aside from the first famine that was in the days of Abraham; and Isaac went to Abimelech king of the Philistines, to Gerar. HASHEM appeared to him and said, “Do not descend to Egypt; dwell in the land that I shall indicate to you. Sojourn in this land and I will be with you and bless you; for to you and your offspring will I give all these lands, and establish the oath that I swore to Abraham your father: I will increase your offspring like the stars of the heavens; and will give to your offspring all these lands; and all the nations of the earth shall bless themselves by your offspring. Because Abraham obeyed my voice, and observed My safeguards, My commandments, My decrees, and My Torahs. Genesis 26:1-5 (Don’t go to Egypt as your father Abraham did; stay here and obey as your father Abraham did – emphasizing the teaching of obedience, and continuing of Abraham and his descendants),

“He went up from there to Beer-sheba. HASHEM appeared to him that night and said, “I am the God of your father Abraham: Fear not, for I am with you; I will bless you and increase your offspring because of Abraham my servant.” He built an altar there, invoked HASHEM by Name, and there he pitched his tents; there Isaac’s servants dug a well.” Genesis 26:24-25.

Abraham’s descendants didn’t manipulate HASHEM as some have presumed. I know there is a lot of Torah scripture but this serves to prove what our Teacher Rebbe Moshe ben Avraham teaches us: That what is in the CAUSE must manifest in the EFFECT. In Genesis 12:1-3 (please read) HASHEM promises to Abraham are given. .His descendants (generations) are to manifest HASHEM’s promise (cause) in the earthen realm (effect).

We have been taught such things as prayer for manipulation of G-d’s will. But really all things are working that the CAUSE will manifest in the EFFECT. What G-d has said will come to pass – It’s proven in Toldot (generation/descendants) of Abraham. The Nation of Israel yet exists!!!

by Hadassah


The parashiot Toldot means generations/descendants. In this portion it is shown that the blessing of the firstborn is not always biological. The transference of spirit is given solely from G-d. The child who has the desire for spirituality will receive the blessing of the firstborn (bechorim). Deuteronomy 34:9 is an example of the process of G-DS Anointing being displayed, in harmony with the HOST SOUL desiring the anointing. Moshe had to duplicate himself to all those he knew to be in harmony with G-DS plan. The men that Moshe fathered spiritually, these men will later become responsible for guarding and passing down the information given from G-d by Moshe.

The above description is also displayed in the portion TOLDOT. Yitzchaq is able to prosper in the midst of a famine, because of his desire for spiritual things. The beginning of the portion reveals the beginning of a struggle between ideologies. Esau (The Church) has the idea of materialism, while Yaacov (the Jewish people) has the idea of seeking out spiritual things. Another idea revealed in this portion is Yitzchaq ability to take pleasure in SPIRITUAL THINGS giving him the ability to manage material things. This is the revealed aspect of G-d, bestowing from the UPPER FORCES, and this is how Yitzchaq prospered. His desire for spiritual things caused the management of material things but not out of his EGO or desires of self-gain.