Shemot 1:1-6:1

by Tobiyah ben Moshe

Mishkahn David

The Hebrew word Shemot is what is defined as “Names.” The Names referred to are the Children of Israel who came to Egypt with the Patriarch Yaakov.

In the plain sense of this Sidrah, Egypt represents a place of slavery, bondage, oppression, struggle, and adversity.

The Sages note, that the family of Yaakov would begin the process of exile by descending to Egypt. This would be the beginning of Hardships experienced by the Children of Israel in the corporeal, that is, in the physical.

This Revelation was first given to our Abba Avraham. “And He (HASHEM) said to Abram, Know with certainty that your offspring shall be aliens in a land not their own, and they will serve them, and they will oppress them, four hundred years. But also the Nation that they will serve, I shall Judge, and afterwords they will leave with great wealth. Bereshit 15:13,14

When viewing Egypt from a Higher level perspective, it represents a certain mindset or a way of thinking. It is this way of thinking or mindset that promotes Distraction, Uncertainty, Hinderance, and Limitation. Causing the individual to walk in Body Consciousness, and Focusing more on the Corporeal, rather than the Supernal. It is this descending thought process that brings suffering. The suffering is experienced because focus is creation and not on the Creator. Only when Realization and Actualization is Acknowledged can there be Ascension. Moshe Rebeynu was enlightened of this Spiritual Truth, and began to move Forward with boldness, confidence, and Assurance. He understood that when Realization and Actualization are not acknowledged, then there is Descension and Stagnation.

It is this descension (negative thinking), and Stagnation (Uncertainty) that Hinders the Manifestation of G-d given potential that lies within. The G-d given potential mentioned are the G-d Qualities revealed.

by Shekinah

Devar TORAH – Shemos (names)

Scripture: Shemoth (Exodus) 1:1-6:1

Mishkan David: Return to Outer Court

In Egypt the leadership has transitioned. Those left behind remember/practice the teaching but not to the point of one standout to be the next in line for leadership/teacher. They are/have increased in numbers, but their status is no longer welcoming (as when Joseph, Jacob and family came there). They have increased in number to the point of being a threat that they are not yet aware of. They continue to grow.

What stands out to me in this devar Torah is the record of the women - (before their leader/teacher Moses appeared) – Zipporah, Shifrah, Pua, Moses’ mother (& sister), the King’s daughter, and those who continued to give birth to help to build the nation of Israel. Zipporah is said to save Moses’ life by the circumcising of their son (sacrifice); the disobedience of Shifrah and Pua, (to the command of the King, but obedience to Echad), to kill all boy babies that were born to the Israelite women (Moses had not been born yet), and were rewarded by Echad with houses and wealth even as slaves (forgiveness & cleansing); the mother who gave birth to Moses and did what she could to save him, even to putting him in the Nile as per the King’s request for all boys born (sacrifice); the King’s daughter who drew Moses from the water of the Nile and knew him as her son (leader/teacher appeared and saved).

Of course, this was Echad’s doing from the time of creation to the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (I will make of you a great nation… a number like the grains of sand…). What Echad says must come to pass. Check scriptures: Genesis 12:1-3; 26:1-5, 24-25.

This gives me names of people who had a part in the building of the nation of Israel before Moses and Aaron came to Egypt to cause them to be recognized as a nation and to enter covenant with Echad. May I be as willing to be my purpose in the continuing of the Nation of Israel!

The >b>birth of the Nation (people/numbers) Am Israel!!! What Echad (G_d) has said will come to pass!!!