Shemot 38:21-40:38

by Shekinah bat Moshe

Devar TORAH: P’kudei (accountings of)

Scripture: Shemos (Exodus) 38:21-40:38

Mishkan David: Holy of Holies (Perpetual)

3rd step (continued) – After having received the instructions from Teacher Moses, the people have accomplished the portion of the path that leads to the knowing of the Presence of YAH Echad - (This is the path – walk in it). Once the Tabernacle is complete YAH Echad manifests as a cloud descends upon the Tabernacle (it looks like a cloud by day, fire by night). Now they know when to move, when to rest, and when to move again.

My/Our Outer Court (physical bodies) go through many changes (both natural and spiritual) as we are birthed, live and grow. My/Our Inner Court (our minds) is how we receive and perform the Commandments as taught to us by others until we encounter our Teacher who shows us the path to walk in. My/Our Holy of Holies (knowledge and reception of being one with YAH Echad) causes our soul to shine with the light that YAH Echad sparked within us when He blew Himself into us and I/we were/are made alive, a living soul.

All of this happened to the children of Israel. When I/we study TORAH we can see ourselves at these different stages of my/our life/lives. The children of Israel are now ready to MOVE, as, and or when, YAH Echad says to move and “walk in the path the Teacher says to walk.”

We must always remember that the life of the Nation of Israel is an accounting given to us to follow every step that the Teacher gives.

PROTOCOL!!! My/Our Teacher says, “This is the path, walk in it.” Walk in the path my/your/our Teacher says and come into the knowledge of the TRUTH that we are the LIGHT that is to bring TRUTH into this world that will cause an end to sickness, suffering and death, and lead to knowledge, existence and bliss!!!

My/Our Teacher, Rebbe Moshe ben Avraham says, “HEAR, O ISRAEL! THIS IS THE PATH!!! WALK IN IT!!! IT’S TIME TO MOVE!!! BARUCH YAH ECHAD!!!