Bereshit 6:9-11:32

by Baruch ben Yisrael

“Yah said to Noakh, I have decided to put an end to all flesh, for the earth is filled with lawlessness because of them: am about to destroy them with the earth.” (Bereshit 6:13)

So is the state of humanity today filled with lawlessness, and similarly Yah has set aside a portion of people to be spared the destruction that is to come. In Bereshit 6:14-22, Yah gives Noakh clear and detailed instructions as to what will be needed in order to survive the period of cleansing that is to come. Yah explains how to prepare yourself, your household and those under your care from from Bereshit 1:1-Debarim 34:12. These instructions as they relate to us are preparing us just like Noakh was prepared. We must never forget Yah gives us guidance through Torah with examples our forefathers established.

As with Noakh, our preparations may seem unnecessary zealous or maybe excessive, but as Noakh did, we must do in keeping faith that in all Yah says, it will come to pass. Perhaps the greatest lesson of Noakh is in the realization that even amongst those you love the most, a time will come to where you will have to choose… Yah or them.

We have to remember an accounting of all we do is kept, and just as it is said in Bereshit 6:9, Noakh was blameless in his age and walked with Yah. Such an account will be given of each of us and if we failed to follow the clear detailed instructions given through Torah meant to prepare us for what is to come, we will end up like those in Bereshit 7:22, “All in whose nostril was the merest breath of life, all that was on dry land died.”

by Aaron

This weeks Devar Torah is about how Noach endured trouble, pain, and life altering challenges in order to fulfill his destiny to become the father of a New Civilization.

God gives him a new technology in the Ark to keep him safe during the flood in which only Benei Noach (Noah Children) lived through.

There is one tidbit to this family drama stands out more than the duration of these film's. And that is when team Noach sends out a Raven then a Dove...... Why is this the centerpiece of this broadcast?

Well lets take a look at the mysterious nature of these birds....

When you take a look at the Raven, you think of an intensively aggressive bird. It's almost insidious in nature because it eats the flesh of the dead. You can say that this bird is veiwed amongst the animal kingdom as one to be feared. The bird is dark unclean to eat, and not very calming to the eye. It's almost to stand in Awe or Reverence. The beginning of Wisdom is fear\awe\reverence as we see in the scripts. Without embracing it, we lose our fortitude and the insight to make correction, i.e.grow.

The dove represents the Idea of Love. Why? It's non aggressive. A Dove can be fried, and eaten. It's no fighter nor is it intimidating. Love is like a Dove... And not made to be a cleansing mechanism. It's inviting, and something we also must embrace.

Why is this relevant? Because those examples of Animals representing fear/awe/reverence and love are the beginning of setting up a civilization. They are important precepts of how to deal with Habba Olam or the World to come. And how to be closer to God, but we'll say how to be one with God. These are the teachings of Congregation Yeshivat Tzion... That lsrael is the One Nation to teach that Humanity's purpose is to be one with God...

by Shekinah

Who is Noach and how does he compare to Mishkan David?

Reference Scriptures: Bereshith 6:9, 13-22; 7:16-8:22; Exodus 33:7; 1 Chronicle 9:19-23; Isaiah 30:19-23; Zechariah 14:9.

I focus on the building of the Ark because of its three levels and the “LIGHT” at the uppermost level. Mishkan David has three levels named outer court, inner court and Holy of Holies. The LIGHT in Mishkan David was in the uppermost level which compares to Partzuf (keter – arich anpin) and the LIGHT that was shed over the entire Ark came from the upper level. We can and must ascend (aliyah) to the highest level in being ONE with Echad. Echad doesn’t change and He now sends us our Teacher who shows us the way to ascend, i.e., “This is the path…”

Noach was taught by his grandfather, Methusaleh, the knowledge of God, the obedience to God and therefore ascended into the Holy of Holies, communed with God and lived.

Unfortunately the cycle of man descending started again and to this day we only have a few HOST SOULS who recognize and are awakened to the fact of our ONENESS with Echad and are ascending to the LIGHT, actually becoming, (through correction), Mishkan David in the earthen realm.

As more and more awaken and become ONE with Echad, Zechariah 14:9 will come to pass: “HASHEM will be the King over all the land; on that day HASHEM will be One and His Name will be One.”

by D'Vorah

This parsha speaks of sinful people and Hashem, who brings a flood on the world. “Noah was a righteous man, perfect in his generations:” (Genesis 6:9). This is why he was the one chosen to survive the flood.

He did not survive alone. He was commanded to build an ark and move into it along with his kin, and pairs of all the animals, and to remain in the ark for forty days and forty nights until the flood stopped.

Hashem made covenant with Noah and his family that the flood would never return. As a token of the covenant, He placed a rainbow in the sky.The end of the portion speaks of the tower of Babel, about the people who decided to build a tower whose head reaches the heaven. Hashem decided to confuse their language so they would not understand one another, and then He scattered them throughout the country.

When I look at this portion of the Torah, I have been taught that it is written with symbolism. So what is the ark? I see it as a place that is protective of the water deluge outside. I see it as a spiritual place within me where I can just walk into it, adjust my thinking, correct it, and avoid using that thought again. Then I can reenter the world to try again. I can arise above by self centeredness or my ego. By going into my spiritual ark, I can disconnect from the surrounding world, where terrible things are happening. Where I am being pulled into all sorts of places and directions, into the depths of the waters.

The flood symbolizes the chaos of the world. Think of a woman who is pregnant. The baby is sheltered within the womb. Just like Noah and his family were sheltered. There is chaos raging outside. But what exactly is all this chaos?

Egotism. Well, what is exactly is that? Egotism is defined as an emphasis upon oneself and one’s own importance, self interest, self seeking, or self absorption. We all have it. Some more than others. Looking out for number one?

Nothing happens without Hashem, “there is none else beside Him.” What does matter is how one reacts, accepts and partakes in what is happening. In each situation, we must be His partners, and understand His works. It is like a mother playing with her baby. The mother wants the baby to understand her and play with her as she is playing with her baby. Hashem is behind the whole process, but the question is whether a person knows how to react to the situation correctly at each moment.

Like babies, we are constantly striving to grasp the world, examining and learning from it. A time of correction. There are many phases we must go through. Everyone will have to go through them. But we go thru them in order to correct the soul within us. And when we correct the soul, we enter the next world.

Everything comes from Hashem, from the influence of the upper light, and we cannot find it by ourselves or within ourselves. We must retrieve the spark from Hashem. To become One with Him. Once we have received it, we now have a special force where ego cannot harm or deflect us from the path.

The tower of Babel is the ego that appears in us, smothering us and not allowing us live. It is like Nimrod and Avraham. Nimrod wants to grow as high as the sky. Avraham sees it as impossible. And they part ways: the majority of the qualities follow the ego and the qualities that can be corrected are with Avraham journeying toward the land of Canaan.

Its funny if you think about it. Today we are seeing the same thing. We are in a global financial and economic empire. And its falling apart. And yet we, the “descendants of Avraham,” are trying to do something to correct it. But no one is listening.