Numbers 30:2-32:41

by Yehoshua ben Moshe

Shalom Aleichem,

We want to commenced this D’var Torah by focusing upon the title of the portion. The title of the portion is MATTOT. The IVRI transliteration is interpreted to mean “TRIBES”. This Sidrah begins with the prophet Moshe instructing the leaders of the tribes on how to deal with the NEDER (vows or oaths) being made to Hashem. In the ROOT LANGUAGE this is indicative of MASTERY over the SPEAKING WORLD of ATZULUT. In the evolution of the human conscious experience there are world’s that needs to mastered in order to make the Ascension into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS in this physical body. To Ascend into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS is to move into ETERNITY while living in this world. To master the 5 worlds: ASSIYAH (INANIMATE), YETZIRAH (VEGETATIVE), BERIYAH  (ANIMATE), ATZULUT (SPEAKING), ADAM KADMON (ETERNITY), the CORRECTION PROCESS has to be undergone. In the Correction, one of the things that is needed is for the person undergoing the Correction to turn desires in the heart into the DESIRE to be ONE WITH G-D. To do this one must constantly move in THE LIGHT OF INTROSPECTION. Moving in the LIGHT OF INTROSPECTION will cause for the individual to find those tendency to BE LIKE THE NATIONS in going against what ECHAD has PREDETERMINED and CORRECT it. In other words, the very thoughts that cross my mind that are not in harmony with DIVINE INTENT, needs to be brought up under G-DS THOUGHTS. “If a man takes a vow to HASHEM or swears an oath to establish a prohibition upon himself, he shall not desecrate his word; according to whatever comes from his mouth shall he do.” Numbers. 30:3. The idea of “IF” a man…… lets us know that there is not a need to take a vow because of the severity of our words and how we as human beings can easily go against the very things we speak, and that it’s better to not take a vow. On the other hand our FOCUS should be on MASTERY of the TONGUE, “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue….Proverbs.18:21. Let us be  reminded that when a NEDER (vow) is spoken, it becomes law to the person who spoke it, in so breaking it is equivalent to breaking one of the 613 commandments. Since there are 248 positive commandments, and 365 negative commandments the chances of having worldly desires to Correct are greater. Instructions on how to be successful in the correction ultimately comes from a Teacher whom him or herself has been undergoing these corrections. Also the need for a community to aid in your own correction is a necessity. Further into the portion there are more instructions on dealing with these ‘NATIONS’ (DESIRES) in the heart, “Moses spoke to the people, saying, “Arm men from among yourselves for the legion that they may be against Midian to inflict HASHEM’S vengeance against Midian. A thousand from a tribe, a thousand from a tribe, for all the tribes of Israel shall you send to the legion.” This has nothing to do with killing off people (Genocide), but in the ROOT LANGUAGE this is dealing with SELF CORRECTION. Once again,  the points in the heart are nations of this world (MIDIAN). Or in other words, THOUGHT CONSTRUCTS. 612 of them will be contrary to G-ds plan. When it (Torah) seems like it is speaking HARSHLY, “ So now, kill every male among the young children, and every woman fit to know a man by lying with a male, you shall kill. But all the young children among the women who have not known lying with a male, you may keep alive for yourselves. “ Numbers. 31:17,18, it’s really saying something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in the ROOT LANGUAGE. This shows we can not be sympathetic to things that OPPOSE ECHAD. We focus on the vision when dealing with thoughts. The heart is more like the subconscious level, where it has to be constantly refined or made clear by MIND REFINEMENT or the three levels of prayer. CARPET PRAYERS (SUBMISSION), STRUCTURED PRAYERS (SERVICE OF THE HEART), & MEDITATION (ASCENSION INTO G-D).