Numbers 33:1-36:13

by Yehoshua ben Moshe

Shalom Aleichem,

We commenced this D’var TORAH by placing our ATTENTION upon the title of the parashat. The title of this TORAH portion is entitled “MASEI”. The Hebrew transliteration of MASEI is interpreted to mean “JOURNEYS”. This Sidrah begins by describing the places that were recorded by Moshe where the children of Israel had journeyed by the instructions of ECHAD. From the PERSPECTIVE OF MISHKHAN DAVID there is a testing you experience in journeys. Journeys are not without challenge. The prophet Eliyahu established many schools of prophets and each school where in a place of importance in the ROOT LANGUAGE, “It happened when HASHEM took Elijah up to Heaven in a whirlwind: Elijah went with Elisha from Gilgal, Elijah said to Elisha, “Please stay here, for HASHEM has sent me to Beth-el.” II Kings.2:1,2. When you journey through Gilgal, it means in Hebrew, “CIRCUMCISION”. This is a Circumcision of the heart etc…. On these journeys you are with your Teacher or Mentor and if successful you attain the spirit of your Teacher or Mentor. The SUCCESSION flows down with the JOURNEY. In the ROOT LANGUAGE the journey from EGYPT is one of a departure from SELF KNOWLEDGE or knowledge of yourself, “ They journeyed from Rameses in the first month, on the fifteenth day of the first month – on the day after the pesach-offering – the children of Israel went forth with an upraised hand, before the eyes of all Egypt.” Number. 33:3. There is a necessity for a Teacher to be revealed to the soul that has JOURNEYED through the Desires of the world because after those desires are fulfilled the next desire is for something that is not of this world. That feeling is explained by King Solomon, “ Then I looked at all the things that I had done and the energy I had expended in doing them; it was clear that it was all futile and a vexation of the spirit – and there is no real profit under the sun. At this point nothing else is truly satisfying by SPIRITUALITY. This experience does not come with challenge either, but with so much pressure that without a Teacher it is nearly impossible to move HIGHER CONSCIOUSLY.  “…your Teacher will no longer be hidden behind His garment, and your eyes will behold your Teacher.” Isaiah.30:20. The Teacher is sent from the Holy Blessed One of Yisrael to aid in the Ascension into CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS. Before this time, the one journey has the feeling of being all alone and individual, in the ROOT LANGUAGE this is known as EGOISM. The ego operates ONLY with the five senses, SEEING, HEARING, TOUCHING, TASTING, AND SMELLING. The SIXTH SENSE has not yet been developed or BUILT UP. The SIXTH SENSE is like a receptacle that reaches into the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS and allows for the one undergoing this BUILDING to COMPREHEND what is in the UPPER FORCES. In the UPPER FORCES or PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. This can not be done until the BARRIER (MACHSOM) is broken in the Mind of the soul on this JOURNEY.  The BARRIER is the inability to see beyond the five senses. Once this BARRIER is broken then the PATH OF LIFE is revealed. This is DONE WITH A COMMUNITY. This is why the WHOLE NATION OF ISRAEL is being described as being on this JOURNEY. This is where you build CONNECTIONS with one another. No one is SPIRITUAL all by themselves. That is not true SPIRITUALITY. TRUE SPIRITUALITY is CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS. At Mt. Sinai the TORAH is given by the Teacher and the Torah Teacher will give interpretation of Torah from the ROOT LANGUAGE or ORAL TRADITION, “ On that day I will raise up the fallen booth of David; I will repair their breaches and raise up its ruins, and I will build it up as in days of old, so that they upon whom my Name is called may inherit the remnant of Edom and all the nations – the word of HASHEM, who shall do this.” Amos.9:11,12. The Tabernacle of David will be SUPERNAL INSTRUCTIONS taught by Teachers on the JOURNEY.