Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19

by Yehoshua ben Moshe

Shalom Aleichem,
We want to commence this Davar Torah by focusing our attention upon the title of the Parashat. The title of the Parashat is Ki Teitzei. The IVRI transliteration is interpreted to mean "When you will go out". The sidrah begins by unfolding the instructions on how to respond to uncontrollable desires. From the perspective of MISHKHAN DAVID we understand this to be instructions to aid in the CORRECTION of thoughts that are not in harmony with Being Israel, that is ONE WITH G-D. The soldier at war that finds a beautiful woman is a STORY or PARABLE in the ROOT LANGUAGE to illustrate a Higher meaning. Echad does not desire for His CREATION to be at WAR literally. So this is understand to describe A WAR which takes place WITHIN. WITHIN is 613 Desires or thought constructs that has to undergo TRANSFORMATION. The transformation will aid in the unfoldment of Physical Immortality. In simplicity, we (humanity) are moving through DESIRES in this world. Starting with the basic desires of FOOD, SEX, & SHELTER we move through the desires of this world (which is satisfied by G-d) which are WEALTH, POWER, AND KNOWLEDGE in that order respectively. Once one reaches the desire for the knowledge of this world or CORPOREAL knowledge and once that desire is filled the next and Highest desire becomes SPIRITUALLY. Once a person reaches this point in their life they are also at the point in the heart (mind) called ISRAEL or the Desire to be One with G-d. In spirituality we come into contact with G-ds INTENTION where we can be involved in the CORRECTION in order to bring about the REGENERATIVE PROCESS. Although G-d gives us DESIRE and satisfies DESIRES, this idea of the "enflamed soldier" shows that there is INORDINATE DESIRES that lay dormant within us that are out of order and in need of transformation more so than a ordinary desire. When we move further into the parashat therein is disclosed the description of the son of the hated and loved wife, "If a man will have two wives, one beloved and one hated, and they bear him sons, the beloved one and the hated one, and the firstborn son is the hated one’s; then it shall be that on the day he causes his sons to inherit whatever will be his, he cannot give the right of the firstborn to the son of the beloved one ahead of the son of the hated one, the firstborn..., to him is the right of the firstborn." Deut.21:15-17. From the ROOT LANGUAGE this is talking about Host Souls. The truth remains that G-d chooses the Soul that will be the FIRSTBORN. It is PREDETERMINED that there be given the RIGHT OF THE FIRSTBORN to the Soul that He has chosen. In the scope of humanity we see that the Jewish people are given the BIRTHRIGHT. This birthright is the ability to Ascend into ONENESS with Him FIRST, on the planet, to aid the rest of the sons of Adam to do the same. We see in this disclosure that we wouldn't want to make the mistake of putting a person in position of being a Host Soul that is not a Host Soul. We can't choose it because it's already chosen, at best we can position ourselves to find other Host souls or like minded people. We never choose our purpose, because purpose never changes. The Host Soul has foresight into the UPPER FORCES. This is to say that what ever is being spoken from such a soul will be what the Most High is saying. As the prophet Daniel discloses, "But Judgment will be set, and they will take away his dominion to be annihilated and to be destroyed completely. And the kingship, the dominion and the grandeur of the kingdoms under all the heavens will be given to the Holy Supreme Nation (Host Souls). It's kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all rulers will serve and obey it." Dan. 7:26,27. This is in harmony with what Torah is saying concern the firstborn. The destruction of the beast (ego) ruling is in a time where the world will experience much suffering as in these days, marks the time when the Host Souls will be given the dominion because these souls will teach RIGHTEOUSNESS according to the ROOT LANGUAGE of Torah that gives LIFE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF DEATH. An Everlasting Kingdom, simply because it will be governed by those who are PHYSICALLY IMMORTAL.

by Aaron ben Moshe

In this week's parasha reading we see the fifth percept out of the 14 heavily in play. That 5th percept being Torah. Because of it's (The Parsha's) many laws. But let's look at Torah or rather "the Torah" and how it comes in to play against other standard major "Spiritual books" of teaching. And with the previous pecept as well.

#1 Fear. Fear is a precept that you can compare most to teaching of Islam or study of Qur'an. A lifestyle of submission is the goal. Which is also in the observation of The Torah. But submission is something that take on a different light in Islam. Because one who is observant to the Qur'an is called a Muslim. Which is defined as one who is submitted to God.

#2 .Love. Love is the precept that is most grasped by Christianity. Of course it is a precept that is grasped in being observant to The Torah as well, but it is the "Theme' or the reasoning behind the "Death, Burial,and Resurrection of it's Central Figure of "Jesus". Love dominants the literature and is throughout it's Creeds.

#3 God existing everywhere. This percept can be seen to a great exstent in The Buddhist. Who believe that not even death is absolute. And the possibility of life transcends death as seen in the Buddha. Also that through meditation and balance you can become all things. The Torah also has this lean. When you look at Moshe "Ascending the Mountain" can be seen as him Meditating.

#4 Unity. Hindus believe in Karma. Karma is indeed the thought that everything is working together at once and continually. Administrating peace, wealth, justice, etc. The Torah teaches this best with the 1st line of Shema.

The Torah the 5th precept, is much different for the major reason of it merges spiritual principal (Chukkim) and laws that govern a nation (Misphatim). Causing The Torah to be a book, designed for a Nation of Spiritual Teachers (Host Souls) following a Constitution of how to be Physically Immortal. In this Parsha there over 70 of these laws. Laws that with P.S.C. one of these laws interpretation leads to Ascension - Self Improvement instead of into the Descension into suffering.

This Idea of the end of Suffering can be seen in the Writings of the Prophet Isaiah 25:6. "Hashem, Master of Legions, will make for all the nation on this mountain a feast of fats (like Mishpatim) and A feast of Leeds (like Chukkim). On this mountain He will eliminate the faces wearing veils, that are veiled, of all the nations, and the masks that mask all the nations (the concealed aspect). He will eliminate death forever, and my Lord Hashem God will erase tears from all faces, He will remove the shame of his nation from upon the entire earth, for Hashem has spoken" (the end of Suffering). Isaiah who thought sucession of the Prophets (Naviim) was able to see many of visions that would ascibe this time that we would be a everylasting nation.

But the everlasting nation would come thru the idea of each member of the nation in order to evolve would have to be on path of seeking spirtual attainments.