Leviticus 19:1-20:27

by Shekinah bat Moshe

Devar TORAH: Kdoshim (holy ones)

Scripture: Vayikra (Leviticus) 19:1-20:27

Mishkan David: (Bestowal - Holy of Holies)

By now the knowledge of the TRUTH should have set in. It is when we obey Echad’s commands, decrees and statues that we become holy. Not holy in the sense that some teach, but holy in the way my/our Teacher Rebbe Moshe ben Avraham, teaches us: “This is the path – walk ye in it!” Vayikra (Leviticus) chapter 19:2 states “Speak unto ALL the congregation of the children of Israel, and say unto them: “Ye shall be holy; for I the Lord your God am holy,”

Definition of holy – sacred, blessed, dedicated or concentrated to God for a purpose, revered, divine, blessed, set apart, otherness, transcendent. If we look at Moses and the nation of Israel we can see the love of Echad for them in each of these definitions.

My husband Philip asked me this question at our last conference: “Did Moses eat and drink while on the mountain with Echad for forty days? My answer was I don’t know, but I will ask Rebbe. Later in my pondering this question it was revealed to me that Moses was holy, dedicated, and consecrated to and by Echad/God. When upon the Mount Sinai Moses was receiving instructions from Echad, so therefore was not cognizant (aware) of the senses (see, touch, taste, feel, hear) or time (hours/days).

To do the commands in this and the following devar TORAHs will start the process of peeling away the layers of the things we’ve been taught that causes us to think we’re separate from Echad. HE AM ME!!! I AM HE!!! Echad spoke to Moses and told him to speak to ALL the congregation of the children of Israel! Holiness is to be the ideal, not just for the priests alone but the entire people (nation) Israel!

My/Our Teacher teaches us that to be in the presence of Echad the senses cease to be in charge and we become ONE!!! We are now the vessels with the purpose to bring others the truth of our ONENESS with Echad (Zechariah 14:9), thus causing nations/nationalities to come into the knowledge of the truth, to come to Tzion and enjoy knowledge, existence and bliss as found in the LOVE of Echad (the Holy of Holies).

Baruch Echad!!! To be continued…