Deuteronomy 32:1-52

by Yehoshua ben Moshe

Shalom shalom,

We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention upon the following parashat. The Parashat is entitled “HAAZINU”. The Hebrew transliteration can be interpreted as “GIVE EAR” or “LISTEN”. This Torah Portion commences with the PROPHETIC SONG of Moshe. From the perspective of MISHKHAN DAVID from the start of the song it is making reference to CALLING FORTH POTENTIAL, “ give ear, oh heavens, and I will speak, and may the Earth hear the words of my mouth. May my teaching drop like the rain, May my utterance flow like the Dew, like storm winds up on the vegetation and like raindrops up on Blades of grass.” Deuteronomy. 32: 1,2. When we look at His Teachings we see that consistently they are brought by the prophets of Israel. There are no Prophets outside of Israel. In our time there are still Prophets that exist a prophet is also called a teacher of Torah. Rebbe Moshe Ben Avraham is one of those teachers in our time. Let us not forget the teachings that have been passed down from generation to generation. There are five worlds that we are aware of in REALITY. The first world is ASSIYAH or the world of that which the quality is INANIMATE. The second world is YETZIRAH or the world of that which the quality is VEGETATIVE. The world after that is BERIYAH or the world of that which the quality is ANIMATE.  The next world is ATZULUT or the world of that which the quality is SPEAKING. Lastly, there is the world of ADAM KADMON or the world of that which the quality is ONE WITH G-D. Everything in existence can be charted in the PARTZUF. The PARTZUF is also called SPIRITUAL FORM. They are REVEALED & CONCEALED aspects of ECHAD. We (humanity) are in the world of ATZULUT or the SPEAKING world where we are using WORDS for either LIFE OR DEATH. G-D uses words to birth potential. We are in G-D. We experience Him by speaking properly. We are to look at G-d in everything and not focusing on each other’s faults. It helps to bring out people’s unlimited potential or to bring out the qualities of G-D. The verses in this Torah portion starts out with the concept of dominion over his hands. Everything is activated by words we are bringing forth physical immortality out of people. We are not doing nothing in reality but things that are either in harmony with the goal of creation or against the goal of creation, but even then we are still going to bring about physical immortality in our physical bodies. The only choice we have is to work with it or work against it. Israel is Destined to work with this process, also to teach others on how to work in harmony with this process as well. We are mastering the speaking world. Judaism is a lifestyle and not a religion and it is the highest way to God, but it’s not the only way. We have to be careful Even in our Ascension, because there is mistakes that can be made that will cost you a lot of time in making the Ascension, “ Jeshurun became fat and kicked. You became fat, you became thick, you became corpulent – and it deserted God its Maker, and was contemptuous of the Rock of its salvation. They would provoke His jealousy with strangers; they would anger Him with abominations. They would slaughter to demons without power, gods whom they knew not, newcomers recently arrived, whom your ancestors did not dread. You ignored the Rock Who gave birth to you, and forgot God Who brought you forth.” Deut.32:15-18. We are to be mindful that there is a consistent CORRECTION and TRANSFORMATION of the Desires of the heart to the desires to be ONE WITH G-D or MIND REFINEMENT.

by Aaron ben Moshe

The Parasha Haazinu covers the song of Moshe.

A prophetic song, which shows the process we would go through as the Bechor of Humanity. The Bechor being the 1st born can been in Gen 12:1-3. In blessings of those that bless us and the cursing of those who is cursed us shows that we have a different responsible than the other nations. Jeremiah 30:11 shows that we would undergo a correction, but not be eliminated. And how every other nation would be eliminated or rather to undergo the same correction as Israel. But let's look at it from the scriptures on the Pasha. Verse 6 Corruption is not his ( but his children). Later, it says that "is he not your father. Then, "Ask your father to and he will relate this to you". And after this (verse 18 through 26) we see this anger leading to "the correction". The process or the correction in 36 - 42 coming along the rest to the nation. And then the nation and land of Israel being exalted in the process. Of course that process being to speak the words and preform the actions of those who are Teachers of Humanity or a Nation of Teachers.

These also can be viewed as Suffering in order to return or undergo Teshuvah. Causing one to once again be in harmony with the purpose we've all been given from the Most High "Echad". And show that things are working towards Oneness. And the Egotistical World will come to a end, causing the promise of Abraham to be fulfilled with the land meaning Physical Immortality. But the Question one may ask is why through a song? Well it not just a song but more like a prophetic utterance. Like those that created the universe. These Prophetic Utterances are the like of which the prophets would use in causing their surrounding to line up with the ways of the Upper Forces or Higher Worlds with in the Universe. And establishing G-d (Echad) standards. This is why Schools of Prophesy ran so well in the days of Moshe, Sam'uel, and Eliyahu. The utterance caused the nation to be lifted through the aspect of using one's divine spark to shine in a different matter. The divine spark to cause one to do this is seen as gifts, or can be viewed also as spiritual attainments. To be able to make one of these songs is to be at a high level of consciousness. As we see prophetic song by some of Tanakhs greatest people.