Numbers 19:1-22:1

by Yehoshua ben Moshe

Shalom Aleichem,

We commenced this D’var Torah by focusing upon the title of the parashat. The title of the parashat is CHUKAT. The Hebrew transliteration means DECREES. DECREES are commands that are hard to understand, but once obeyed or full filled the understanding comes. With this idea in mind, the Sidrah is giving a scenario where a completely RED COW is slaughtered and then other components are used along with the RED COW for agents of purification. This has been a MYSTERY amongst the Jewish people for a long time and still is, but the idea of the UNDERSTANDING of a CHUKIM coming after the command is obeyed can be realized through MEDITATION UPON THIS DECREE. The agents of purification was needed for someone who would come into contact with a human corpse and became contaminated. The thought that a physical body which is separated from the SOUL is TAMEI or contaminated says that physical death is NOT a state the ECHAD desire for man to enter into. Since the person that went through physical death is called TAMEI there has to be an opposite to this POLARIZATION. The opposite is LIFE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF DEATH.  The Goal of Creation is to become like ECHAD. The CREATOR does NOT DIE. ATONEMENT is the basic responsibility of LEVY (KOHANIM). Levy will teach that the Goal of Creation is to become just like G-d and that the fulfillment of that GOAL is Physical Immortal, it is written, “He will eliminate death forever, and my Lord HASHEM/ELOHIM will erase tears from all faces…” Isaiah.25:8. There is a need for a teaching such as IMMORTALITY simply because people are waking up, becoming conscious, and that old time religion just is not working anymore. MISHKHAN DAVID is the actual method on how to obtain Physical Immortality. The structure that is set up as the Temple will not be with hands but 3 different levels of teaching in 3 different levels of consciousness. The first court is termed SUB-CONSCIOUSNESS where the INSTINCTIVE level is bring dealt with in the Heart. Also on this level of consciousness lies the MEMORY where things can effect you simply because of a MEMORY of something that should not be there. The DREAMS that we have are also a result of this level where your dreams could be either KARMATIC or CLARITY.  If the dream is KARMATIC it can show up as a “NIGHTMARE” and can also be prevented by cleansing off the SUB-CONSCIOUSNESS. They way to cleanse that level is to practice certain disciplines such as CARPET PRAYERS or prayers of SUBMISSION. Then you have the second court which is BODY CONSCIOUSNESS where this level is more dealing with the five senses sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. This is the level where there is a PERSONAL relationship with the CREATOR and the appearance is as though it is you and Him. The LAVUSH  (Spiritual Garment) is also on this level. The LAVUSH contains the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Intellectual sheafs, etc… The people who dwell in this level see themselves as INDIVIDUALS and not as COLLECTIVE. The ego is here and it feels isolated or all alone. This level also is REFLECTIVE of what is in the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS if the SUB-CONSCIOUSNESS is cleansed off. The Higher levels is termed PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS where there is SUPERNAL KNOWLEDGE, EXISTENCE, & BLISS. Eternity resides here where there is PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE all existing.  This is the level all the prophets of Israel got REVELATION from ECHAD from. Here is ONENESS or Adam Kadmon the PRIMORDIAL MAN or the CORPORATE SOUL or the COLLECTIVE SOUL. Here everything is CONNECTED and there us no DEATH or EVIL here. The levels of Attainments are ENDLESS. The Tabernacle is set up in this way where anybody going through the human conscious experience can make the Ascension with a teacher of this revelation. This has to do with ALL of creation and not just one group, sex, or race of people. The idea is that all of humanity will make this Ascension with the Jewish people being the first to get there. These are revelation that come but are hard to understand like CHUKAT. Nevertheless, this is how the process works and the Divine spark hidden within everyone being made manifest to the outside.