Bereshit 23:1-25:18

by Yehoshua

Shalom shalom,

We commence this D’Var Torah by focusing upon the PARASHAT CHAYEI SARAH and it’s transliteration meaning ‘Sarah’s Life’. We want to focus our attention on the ROOT LANGUAGE in harmony with the method of MISHKAHN DAVEED upon the journey of this portion. Abraham is a Teacher of Spiritual things and so in the “death” of his wife Sarah Torah says that Abraham came to eulogize, but this has to be in harmony with what he teaches (Spirituality) which would be the idea that Sarah is not dead but in fact is inside the very souls of her people. This can be seen in Gen.23:8 in the Hebrew writings/Language.

Being that Abraham was a Priest in his time he was permitted to “weep” for Sarah (Lev.21:1-4). Sarah was connected to Abraham so as he made an ASCENSION into Higher levels of consciousness he also aided his wife in hers. The fact that Hashem gave her a name shows this Ascension. Abraham is concerned with BESTOWING as seen in chapter 25:16 despite the offer of the land free of charge. This tells us what to concern ourselves with as Jews. The HOST SOUL will transform the desire to receive into the desire to BESTOW. In chapter 24 we discover the Teacher-student relationship that is needful in the pursuit of SPIRITUALITY. The servant of Abraham is seen as going through his doubts of what the Teacher knows to be correct (24:5) , but nevertheless he CORRECTS himself in the journey of the Assignment. As students there will be teaching that you will want to oppose, but in the engagement of the process the experience will prove to be according with what the Teacher has taught. Even the prayer will be in harmony with the UPPER FORCES (24:34-49).

by Shekinah

Scripture: Bereshith 23:1-25:18

Mishkan David – LOVE

Sarah’s life was a life of LOVE defined by the three levels of Mishkan David:

Outer Court – She laughed when promised a son in her old age. Bereshith 21:1-8

Inner Court – The offering of the sacrifice. Bereshith 21:9-10

The priestly intercession. Bereshith 21:11-21

Upon Sarah’s death we see the Mishkan David’s working through the love Abraham had for her, her son Isaac and the nation that was to be birthed through him. Isaac saw and experienced the love of his mother and matriarch, Sarah. Abraham knew his years were not long and knew that Isaac had to have a wife (matriarch) to continue Mishkan David (what Abraham had taught him in knowing Echad, honoring/obeying Echad and being one with Echad.)

The love Abraham had for Isaac didn’t want him to become tainted by the women close around him. So he sent his servant/student to his kindred to find the wife (matriarch) for his son and nation Israel.

Abraham loved Echad, believed Echad and did as Echad led him in all things. He loved Isaac as he loved himself and his oneness with Echad caused him to love the nation that Echad had promised would come through him.

Through Abraham’s obedience, the obedience of his servant/student, and Isaac’s obedience and love for Rebbecca, we now are what is called the nation of Israel. (Read Bereshith 24:6-67)

Where there is love for others as you love yourself (Leviticus 19:18), and you follow the example of your teacher (Isaiah 30:19-21), nothing is impossible!