Shemot 13:17-17:16

by Malachi ben Moshe

After leaving Egypt God took them in a roundabout way to their location. He knew the would be easily swayed to go back to Egypt due to the mindset that had been imposed upon them for so long. He lead them by a pillar of clouds by day and fire by night. Pharaoh, after much deliberation, realized that they probably weren't coming back. He desired so much in his heart to chase after them that God strengthened it to the point of madness. After all Egypt had already seen he still decided to pursue them. From the perspective of Mishkan David we understand the God fulfill the desires of all things and we see here how God strengthens his heart in response to his desire. After Pharaohs army catches up to the children of Israel you could tell they were afraid. They did not yet fully understand the might and scope of God's power. The people's faith was put to test when told to plunge into the water. God had promised to deliver them but they continued to fear the Egyptians. Once they diver into the water their faith was rewarded and they saw a miracle performed on their behalf. Faith is part knowledge. They trusted God even though they weren't sure what would happen. Faith requires action to be effective. After stepping out on faith they got to see the destruction of their enemies. God showed them his might in an unrivaled fashion. After witnessing all that they had seen they begun to sing praises to the Lord. The magnified him for all that he had done on their behalf. As they continued forward their thankful attitude developed into one of pure complaint. They felt God would do all the signs and acts that he had yet somehow forgot they needed water. Their faith in the bigger events had yet to trickle down to faith in smaller events. They complained again and again for different things that they needed had need of without realizing simple prayer would have been enough, God knows our needs better then we ourselves do and he fulfills them all. Their groaning was just a testament to their lack of belief. God devised a plan to give them meat and manna, a food from heaven, at appointed times. He also gave instructions concerning how they would observe the Shabbath day. This is important because the Shabbat will eventually be apart of our everlasting covenant with God. It would be the day that we rest to remember the act of creation itself. As the people continued to test God he continued to show them his power in different ways. This passage illustrates our nature to believe in the big things but be faithless with the smaller events in life. God demonstrates his master control over all events no matter how big or how small.

by Yehoshua ben Moshe

We commence this D’Var Torah by focusing upon the parashat termed BESHALACH The IVRI transliteration BESHALACH is interpreted as “SENT OUT”. It is written, “Miriam the prophetess, sister of Aaron, took the drum in her hand and all the women went forth after her with drums and with dances. Miriam spoke up to them, “Sing to Hashem for He is exalted above the arrogant, having hurled horse with its rider into the sea.” With this passage of scripture we are able to see SPIRITUAL PROTOCOL at work. The words given to the spokesman of G-d in the nation of Israel will be spoken by all other prophets in the nation of Israel. In other words, the prophet or prophetess will say the same thing that the senior prophet says. It is disclosed in TORAH (Deut. 18:15-22) that Hashem will speak His words to His prophet. Moshe Rebeynu was the senior prophet who spoke the words before Miriam spoke them in the beginning of chapter 15 verse 1 (Exodus) “…I shall sing to Hashem for He is exalted above the arrogant, having hurled horse with its rider into the sea.” “ Whatever has been is what will be”…(Ecclesiastes. 1:9. From the perspective of MISHKAHN DAVEED the nation of Israel (Host Souls) are destined to ASCEND into that which the prophets of old Ascended into which is into the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS or into Eternity in this earthen realm, but this time as a COLLECTIVE but this can only be done while operating in harmony with SPIRITUAL PROTOCOL.

by Shekinah bat Moshe

Devar TORAH – Beshalach (when he let go)

Mishkan David: Inner Court (continued)

LET GO!!! The children of Israel were being led the long way out of Egypt to the Promised Land so they could experience: 1. Sex, food and shelter (God providing instead of Egypt); 2. The power (of God) to do and go as God has said; 3. The wealth that was provided to them through their obedience to God, asking/receiving of the Egyptians (they, the Egyptians, gave because God said they would); 4. The knowledge that God is and what He has said will come to pass; 5. This system is when the problem of their belief/unbelief, introspection and personal correction started and became a problem. They couldn’t grasp that all they had come through was not of their own or Moses’ making (we prayed and got our answer, why not now?). They had been trained/taught to cry out to God and He would answer, but they thought it would be the way they desired Him to answer.

Now they are coming to the point of their oneness with God – to enter the Holy of Holies. Instead of entering in, division, murmuring and complaining, thinking they know what is/isn’t begins to take over. They have, so far, walked in the timing of God. Six thousand years ago what they thought, what they did, how and why they did it, caused the cause NOT to appear in the effect.

Now we have a Teacher who has taught us and we are being brought to the point of the holy of holies. We have progressed through the systems and are entering into the Holy of Holies (the point in the heart where we know we are one with Echad). We must not go back to Egypt – now that we know what it is. We must listen to our Teacher, Moshe ben Avraham, his words and example and journey into the Promised Land!

This is the path we were/are destined to trod in order to teach others by WORD (TORAH) and example (you got to LIVE it), in order to Tikkun Olam (cause knowledge, existence and bliss to come into this earthen realm). Knowledge (Zechariah 14:9); Existence (immortality- we speak life/Proverbs 18:21) and Bliss (joy/Psalm 16:11).

AM ISRAEL shall bless every nation with these attributes when they receive and bless AM ISRAEL!!! Genesis 12:1-3. BARUCH HASHEM!!!