Bereshit 1:1-6:8

by Baruch ben Yisrael

From the dust of the earth Yah created Adam and Adamah (male and female) and into them he imparted his consciousness through the Ruach Ha Qodesh. With this breath of life came instructions as to their purpose: “Be fruitful and increase and have stewardship over all that walks, flies, crawls and swims.” (Bereshit 1:28)

Yah set Adam and Adamah (male and female) as guardians of the life created upon the earth and gave them all the knowledge necessary to be right ruling stewards. For all that was put into their care nothing was forbidden save the tree at the center of the garden, the tree of knowledge of good and bed (Bereshit 2:17), it was decreed that upon eating or touching of the tree, in that day Adam and Adamah would surely die (Bereshit 3:3). Now in ignorance (a lack of knowledge) or better said innocence, they had no concept of death, because in their creation from the dust of the earth, Adam and Adamah were filled with life and the understanding thereof as was intended for all of creation. The forbidding of touching/eating of the tree of knowledge was not to deprive them as the serpent/adversary alluded to in Bereshit 3:4,5, but to preserve them or should I say their innocence. In Bereshit 3:6-11, Adam and Adamah after eating and having their “eyes opened” perceived their nakedness and using fig leaves covered themselves, scripture goes on to say that as Yah walked through the garden, they hid themselves out of shame for their nakedness. And when Yah called out to them, they answered by saying we heard you and was afraid because we were naked. The problem with this is that they had always been naked, yet upon gaining knowledge of bad and good, they now perceived a problem with existing in the capacity in which they were created.

As a result of this with an ever increasing degradation, each successive generation from Adam and Adamah to present day has sought to obtain levels of knowledge that has inevitably caused more death than it has preserved life. Yah did not intend us to be burdened with the knowledge of good and bad, yet instead intended us to be stewards of life, and that is what all conscious Israelites strive for diligently.

by Eliyahu

In this Parasha there is nothing formed, when there is nothing is formed, it is non-existent. There was no heavens, no earth, just void. Not even time existed. This was the beginning, only Echad. Notice first He created Heaven, first to create a Highest Host, a dwelling to establish Heavenly beings to fulfill purposes and to Praise Him. On creating the Earth to create a place where like heaven but on earth, a paradise. The first thing He spoke, Let there be light, Light brings the illumination, a clear view where darkness will no longer exist. Echad wanted light to amplify the beauty that He is about to create. Then came firmament called heaven, the dry land was called earth, the gathering of the waters called seas, vegetation populated yielding seed after it’s kind, trees yielding fruit. All and All Echad saw it was good. Echad created birds that fly in the sky about the earth, sea giants and every little living being that creeps, all wing fowls, the Most High saw and was pleased.

Creation of Man and Woman
Now we are still chewing on our potatoes. Echad created creatures of it’s kind. God said it, and it is so, and it was good. Echad said let’s make man in our image and our likeness, Echad wanted to make us into a being after His attributes, with His characteristics. A reflection that He may mold to be His first Priest and King. In this process, Echad blew a part of Himself into the foundation of the first heaven on Earth becoming the seed of paradise itself. Echad took man into the garden, showed him all the food he may freely eat, But showed him the tree that he can’t eat from, on the day you eat from it, you will die. Now Echad saw all the creatures had mates but Adam was left alone, Echad saw this wasn’t good, He will make him a helper. So Echad put Adam asleep, and took part of him, placed it in the woman, which made woman, Adam called her woman, her name was Eve. Adam showed Eve the midst of the garden, taught her all that Echad taught him. He showed her the tree of Good and Bad, gave her the reason why it is forbidden to eat from it, told her you will die. One day Eve was in the garden a serpent approached her and asked her about the tree, giving her doubt, playing with her understanding. Eve in turn said you can’t touch it nor eat it, you will die. Then the seed of doubt came and made her partake in the fruit and gave some to Adam and they realized they were naked, sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves. Then in shame they hid from Echad in the garden. Then Echad put judgment on them and placed them out of the garden.

by Hadassah

The parashiot Bereshit means In the beginning. This parashiot gives us an explanation of Gods intention for humanity. For six days HaShem created an environment perfect for us. In Genesis 1:31, it says God looked and said everything was very good! Being an example for us, on the seventh day, God rested from all his works. Genesis 2:2. This would be called the Shabbat Day. Continuing to create Genesis 2:7. God creates man or a shell/vessel to put himself into. By using pressure to do this. Man now has the soul of life placed within the vessel. In this we see God as a bestower. He creates the vessel opposite of him. Inside he places the unlimited potential quality of himself. The vessel is that of a receiver. This picture is one that has been created to be transformed. The receiving aspect has to be completely transformed into the same of God himself. To transform the desire of receiving into the desire to bestow. Also unfold the unlimited potential within us. Isaiah 25:8....

by Yehoshua

Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the title of the PORTION. The title of the PARASHAT is an IVRI  (Hebrew) term which is translated into the idea of "In the Beginning" The portion itself is indicative of the beginning of something new. No doubt we are encouraged to repeat the cycle of reading Torah anew, but with an idea that will give rise to a new thought in the process of rereading what was already read. From the method of MISHKAHN DAVEED we are empowered to see things at a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. The idea that G-d created the Heavens and the Earth and ALL that is in them will cause one to see that each being that was created ALL came from the same CREATOR. With this idea in mind we can see how in Genesis. 2:22 that ALL creation is CONNECTED.  Man from DUST, Woman from Man, etc... If ALL is connected then we understand how the DESCENSION of Man effects ALL. In the perspective of MISHKAN DAVEED Man (Man & Woman) is destined to make an ASCENSION back to the state before the decension and up even HIGHER into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. This begins when Man starts to eat from the Tree of life rather than to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. A time would come in the human conscious experience (Human History) where Man would began to eat from the Tree of Life or in other words consume or take in fruit that will cause an end to all suffering and ultimately the end of death itself. This consumption is described in the prophets as the Temple of David (MISHKAN DAVEED) Amos 9:11 or what some describe as the 3rd Temple. Which in Reality is simply “A Perspective of Reality”! With this Higher Perspective one can LEARN Torah and ACTUALIZE it in such a way that will cause LIFE without any DEATH physically or otherwise. Which is the GOAL for Man itself, to reach a state of ETERNAL BLISS with no END (death) Isaiah.35:10. This is hinted at in Gen. 3:22, but this doesn’t come without Man undergoing SELF CORRECTION (IMPROVEMENT) as illustrated in Gen. 4:7.

by Shekinah

What is G_d's Creation and how does it compare with Mishkan David?

Scripture: B'reshith 1:1 - 3:24

Reference Scriptures: Lamentations 3:19-24; Isaiah 30:19-22; Zechariah 14:9

I am taught that everything created is G_d. Whether inanimate, vegetative, animate, or speaking level, it is created by G_d. These systems are created by G_d and He bestows upon each created being according to the system he/she is in. This is to cause us (His creation) to be who/what He purposed us to be so that what He says will come to pass.

B'reshith 1:1-25 gives us steps in His creating Creation. And G_d said and it was! B'reshith 1:26-27 - He creates what we call man (Adam Rishon) in His image and likeness - gives power and dominion to him over all things He G_d created. In other words, become Him in the earthen realm and cause heaven to come to earth. Until chapter 3 of B'reshith Adam/Eve obeyed G_d's commands and lived in heaven on earth (no pain, suffering or death). Their decision to eat of the tree they were told not to eat of caused them to see things differently: differences in their bodies (how they looked); put blame on each other and the voice that they obeyed. This led to body consciousness and individuality which caused/causes suffering and death to operate in this earthen realm.

I came up thinking, being taught and believing that what they (Adam/Eve) did I was also guilty of and needed an intercessor to get back in right relationship with G_d. Read Lamentations 3:19-24.

Isaiah 30:19-22 says "For a people will dwell in Zion, in Jerusalem. You will not have to weep; He will surely show you grace at the sound of your outcry, when He hears, He will answer you. The Lord will give you meager bread and scant water; your Teacher will no longer be hidden behind His garment, and your eyes will behold your Teacher. And your ears will listen[even]to a word spoken from behind you, saying, 'This is the path, walk in it, whether you go to your right or to your left. You will contaminate the coating of your silver idols and the embellishment of your golden molten images; you will cast them away like someone unclean; you will tell it "Be gone!" Tank

I thank G_d for my Teacher and for causing him to open my eyes to the truth: I am co-creator with G_d! I am the Temple (Mishkan David) people are searching for. My Outer court is my klipah (body), my inner court is my mind (Adam Kadmon before eating of the Tree) and my Holy of Holies is my soul, ONENESS with Echad!

My purpose is to be (by example) who G_d says I am; to teach others and bring them into the knowledge of this truth! I am the Temple that is to be the place of G_d's worship in this earthen realm; I am the light that leads others to the Light, the Shekinah glory of Mishkan David. My love for others as I love myself causes me to be ONE with Echad! Zechariah 14:9.

These are the systems: Assiyah - inanimate; Yetzirah - vegetative; Beriah - Animate; Atzilut - speaking; Adam Kadmon - ECHAD! WISDOM - There are 25 steps in each system we go through as we travel in this earthen realm. When we make it to step 26 we are created to create and have dominion and go to the next system of 25 steps. This we do until we reach Adam Kadmon, Zechariah 14:9 - "Hashem will be King over all the land; on that day Hashem will be One and His Name will be One." I AM THE ONLY HOPE!!! AM ISRAEL!!!

by Malachi

In the beginning all things were a single indescribable point. That was Echad. He began to speak things into existence and separated different qualities as he created life. The goal of creation was to make a vessel which would be able to endlessly receive. He created mankind for this purpose.

In the garden AK and Eve ate of the fruit of good and evil. When they ate of it their level of consciousness awareness dropped and They began to "see" things out of harmony with Echad. They began to differitiate and see things that Echad made as bad. This brought on the death experience. Seeing things out of harmony with Echad causes death, sickness, and disease. Their actions affected all of humanity because they were host souls.

Abel and Cain were fighting over who would receive Adam's blessing. Cain felt it should be him but he didn't have the quality so instead he killed Abel and was exiled. In replace of Abel, Echad gave them Seth to be their heir. Even after Seth the world continued to fall to the mindset of duality.

Echad was tired of the behavior exhibited on earth so he decided to wash the world anew. The only one that was living up to his standard was Noah, another host soul. Instead of completely destroying humanity he spared Noah and his family and had them start anew.

by Miryam

It is once again time to begin reading Torah from the first parashah, BERESHIT. BERESHIT is IVRI for “at the beginning.” This parashah contains the creation of the heavens, earth and all that is in it including the creation of humanity. It also contains the descension of Adam Rishon (the first Adam), Cain killing his brother Abel and the birth of Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve, then an account of the lineage of Adam. The question is, How was man created? The question will be answered from the perspective of MISHKAHN DAVID.

“And HaShem God formed the man of dust from the ground, and He blew into his nostrils the soul of life: and man became a living being.” (Bereshit 2:7) HaShem’s nature is one of bestowal. He needed to create a vessel into which He could bestow infinite blessings. To do this G-d formed a vessel of dust (finite) and used force to put an aspect or quality of Himself into the vessel. He reproduced Himself in a shell which is opposite of Him. G-d is the bestower and man is the receiver. Man therefore is comprised of both the Infinite (G-d) and the finite (dirt). When Adam is placed in the Garden of Eden, he has a conscious union with G-d (Collective Consciousness).

“And the woman perceived that the tree was good for eating and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was desirable as a means to wisdom, and she took of its fruit and ate; and she gave also to her husband with her and he ate. Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realized that they were naked; and they sewed together a fig leaf and made themselves aprons.” (Genesis 3:6,7) When Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad, they lost Collective Consciousness and became aware of individuality; the birth of the ego. This was predetermined by G-d so that humanity would evolve - the One becoming Many (the Unfoldment) and the Many becoming One (the Infoldment). Humanity is in the process of returning to a conscious union with G-d. Man becomes like G-d - a bestower. When the process is completed, the earth will be filled with the Glory of G-d, that is, the visible manifestation of G-d’s invisible attributes.