Numbers 1:1-4:20

by Shekinah bat Moshe

Devar TORAH – Bemidbar (Numbers)

Scripture: Bemidbar 1:1-4:20

Mishkan David: Inner Court

The first thing that caught my attention when beginning the study of the book of Bemidbar (Numbers) was the numbers of people in the different tribes of the nation of Israel. Echad gave the number of each and every one. Everyone was important to Him to count/mention. In one of the previous devar Torahs I talked about the LOVE of Echad. Here I can see that His LOVE is shown not only to His Nation but to the individuals within the Nation. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” is exemplified in the love of Echad for each one of us.

In the Haftarah for this devar Torah Echad again shows His love toward us to us - Himself. How many times He forgave; How many times He shared the truth of being with us/how we are ONE with Him. How many times He forgave/forgives us, and yet delivered/delivers us and gave/gives us dominion over creation.

My/Our Teacher shares with us the knowledge of the Truth of Being that even though Echad will give us “lees” this leads to the blessings of life forever – immortality. “For a people will dwell in Zion, in Jerusalem. You will not have to weep; He will surely show you grace at the sound of your outcry, when He hears, He will answer you. The Lord will give you meager bread and scant water; your Teacher will no longer be hidden behind His garment, and your eyes will behold your Teacher. And your ears will listen [even] to a word spoken from behind you, saying, “This is the path; walk ye in it, whether you go to your right or to your left.” Tanak – Isaiah 30:19-20.

We must receive the lees, (the sediment that settles at the bottom of the wine cask, dregs), in order to receive and bestow the blessing/gift of immortality to others. It’s all good/very good, because it’s all Echad. It’s a PROCESS!!!

My/Our Teacher, Rebbe Moshe ben Avraham, teaches me/us to ascend into the KNOWLEDGE of this TRUTH to bring this knowledge to others, by teaching, and being the example. Every one of us is ONE with Echad, and He wants us to exemplify/be Him in this earthen realm. No matter which of the twelve tribes is your heritage, we spring forth from ISRAEL, whom Echad declared to be His first-born Son.

We must see the 12 tribes (offspring of Israel) as the Nation of Israel, and together cause other nations to come into the knowledge of this TRUTH – We are created in His image and likeness – We are ONE!!! This is the path – we must walk in it!!!

Baruch Echad!!! To be continued…..