"… Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Eternal One of Host."
Zechariah 4:6

Shalom, Shalom. We are about to commence the unfoldment of what has been called a minor festival termed Chanukkah. The term Chanukkah carries with it the idea of DEDICATION. It is the observance of Jewish resistance to Hellenization. The process of Hellenization, which can be described as the assimilation of the Jewish People into the Greek culture, had its roots in the idea that the Temple should incorporate sacrifices to Greek gods and that the MOSAIC LAW would be rescinded as the law of ERETZ YISRAEL. The implementation of this process of assimilation into the Greek Culture led to a revolt led by MATITYAHU and his sons that drove the Hellenizers from the Temple and the re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty. On the 25th day of the ninth month called KISLEV, they ascended according to the law upon the NEW ALTAR of burnt offerings and rededicated the ALTAR with a celebration that lasted eight days. This celebration required the kindling of the lights of the MENORAH for eight days to fulfill the inauguration. There wasn’t enough oil to last for eight days, thus the MIRACLE was that it remained lit of eight days.

Our focus at this season is one upon keeping the light of introspection kindled within the human conscious experience. The human conscious experience is the product of HASHEM blowing Himself into a physical body. In other words, it is the marriage of the FINITE to the INFINITE. Tradition declares that this took place where later on in Jewish history the first and second Temples were constructed. Like the human conscious experience, which is the marriage of the FINTE to the INFINITE, the Temples constructed by the Jewish people were a place where the FINITE (the construct of the Jewish people) was married to the INFINITE, that is, the VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of HASHEM, Blessed be His Name. Thus the human conscious experience can be described as the Temple made by the Holy Blessed One of YISRAEL.

The temple that we are focused upon in this season is that of the human conscious experience, that is, the physical body. The light of this TEMPLE is the RUWACH HA KODESH (the Holy Spirit). What we are suggesting is that the observance of CHANUKKAH would be one in which we would spend 8 days of walking in the LIGHT of INTROSPECTION kindled by the RUWACH HA KODESH. This can be fulfilled by taking time out to LOOK within and seeing those IDEAS and CONCEPTS that oppose the LIFESTYLE of JUDAISM. Once the opposition is seen, then to REPENT and CONFESS the MENTAL ASSIMILATION in order to REDEDICATE ourselves to Torah and the PURSUIT of DIVINE PURPOSE.

As suggested in the HAFTORAH that was aforementioned, it is not by might, nor by power that we will succeed in the unfoldment of our obedience to Torah and Divine Purpose, but by the RUWACH HA KODESH. Happy CHANUKKAH!

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